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2/25/2019 - Double Take

Enjoy Mexican cuisine in Kenosha, WI - from Taco Tuesday specials and beyond!
Enjoy Mexican cuisine in Kenosha, WI - from Taco Tuesday specials and beyond!

With some many great dining options in the Kenosha Area, it can often be hard to choose just a few while you’re visiting, or even to narrow down where to eat if you live here year-round. One thing is certain, though, Taco Tuesday has a hold on our community, and for very good reason. Who doesn’t love tacos? That being said, there are plenty of places to enjoy great tacos and there are several spots for other fantastic Mexican cuisine, too! So, raise your Margarita glass to Taco Tuesdays and more!

Reporting on Tacos - Katrina Neveri:

One of my favorite things to eat when I go out for food is tacos. They’re so versatile and the flavor combinations are endless! What’s not to love about tacos?! Fortunately for any would-be travelers and locals, the Kenosha Area has several tasty taco options to try. Viva Taco Tuesday – or any taco day for that matter!

My favorite taco spot in Kenosha is La Fogata Mexican Grill because they have an awesome variety of taco options on their menu, and a good selection of margaritas, too! My personal favorites are the steak tacos (carne asada) and the Piggyback Shrimp Tacos. The carne asada tacos are made with aged, marinated skirt steak sourced from grass-fed cows. The steak is marinated using a 12 hour process, combining garlic, olive oil, steak seasoning and corn oil among other ingredients. The tacos are topped with cilantro and onions to finish off their authentic taste.

La Fogata’s Piggyback Shrimp tacos are made with grilled chorizo and perfectly cooked, ancho-spiced gulf shrimp. The tacos are topped with avocados, onions and cilantro for a refreshing bite that compliments the savory taste of the chorizo sausage. Those are my favorite taco dishes but there are so many more options to choose from!

Another great spot for tacos is Iguana Wana Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar. They offer the traditional carne asada steak, al pastor (marinated pork), chicken, beef and shrimp tacos. They also have two taco dishes that I especially enjoy called Tacos Monterrey and Tacos Pescado. Tacos Monterrey are shredded beef tacos topped with a homemade ranchero sauce and melted Chihuahua cheese. Tacos Pescado are hand battered tilapia tacos, deep fried until golden brown and topped with a creamy chipotle cabbage slaw.

So, let's venture beyond the obvious venues for tacos! There are plenty of great restaurants that have taco specials on Tuesday, or even on their regular menus! Sazzy B has a delicious Blackened Fish Tacos. They’re made with grilled whitefish, red peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, jalapenos and fontina cheese. Topped with avocadoes, a pickled red onion pico de gallo, and a Sriracha slaw, the flavor profile is bold but not overpowering.

Johnny Z’s Pour House offers a Taco Tuesday special ($2.00 per taco or 3 for $5.00) with your choice of seasoned ground beef, chicken, shrimp, and jackfruit. Tacos are served with street flour tortillas, shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese and the house salsa. Any other day of the week they have a fish taco which features fried white cod and spicy cabbage, topped with the house pineapple salsa and remoulade. Century Pub & Eatery also offers a Taco Tuesday special with your choice of chicken or beef tacos ($1.00 each). Spanky’s Bar & Grill is another Tuesday stop for tacos – each soft shell taco is just $2 and they even have $2 craft drafts, too!

And finally, if you’re looking to change things up a bit, try the breakfast tacos at The Daily Dose Café. Their breakfast tacos feature scrambled eggs, chorizo, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, and a homemade tomatillo sauce. Yummy! It’s such a delicious way to start your day.

With so many taco options in Kenosha County, your taste buds will never get tired of trying new flavor combinations. Long live tacos!

Reporting on Mexican cuisine beyond tacos – Kate Field:

While I love Mexican food of all kinds, Chile Rellenos is one of my favorite dishes and I order it whenever I find myself in the world of Mexican food.  Chile Rellenos, or stuffed peppers, are made many different ways, but commonly a non-spicy poblano pepper is stuffed with cheese, wrapped in a batter or thin dough, and is then fried. Growing up in Colorado, where New Mexico influences the flavors, Chile Rellenos are made with Hatch chilies and smothered in Chile Verde(a green Chile sauce), a pork-based green sauce almost like a stew or soup. Some of my favorite Rellenos include a cheese stuffed Poblano pepper wrapped in an eggroll wrapper, deep fried and smothered in green chili. Kenosha has two excellent sources of Chile Rellenos - which I eat wherever I find them!

A recent dreary, winter weeknight made Mexican food seem like a great idea, and indeed it was. Who doesn’t love a fiesta? The cozy atmosphere and twinkling lights at La Fogata Mexican Grill made us dream about being a million miles away, somewhere warm….. great dining experiences really have the ability to transport you through space and time. 

A few couples were waiting to be seated when we arrived so we decided to sit at the bar. Minutes later we were directed to a dining table with margaritas and chips in hand, and guacamole on the way.  The margarita was delicious, not overly sweet and with plenty of tequila! The crispy chips (not too greasy) and the smooth, creamy guacamole tasted of the perfectly ripe avocado from which it came. My son ordered the chicken tamales topped with a verde sauce, melted cheese and chopped tomatoes. My husband ordered his favorite steak fajitas and I ordered, of course, the Chile Rellenos. 

La Fogata offers a fairly traditional type with the stuffed pepper coated in a light egg batter and pan-fried for a delicate taste. The dish is then covered (smothered) with a red sauce. All our meals were served with rice, beans and a dash of guacamole. I appreciated the light texture of the Rellenos here, offering flavorful bites of dark green pepper combined with a cheesy chicken filling and generous toppings. One Relleno was all I could eat after all the chips and guacamole so the second was destined for a takeaway box. Delciious food and generous portions meant that we had tasty lunches waiting for us the next day. The service was friendly and efficient even though the restaurant was bustling! While we visited during the dinner hour, LaFogata is also open during the day when you can look out over the nearby park and lake from their greenhouse style patio. Make note of their Happy Hour specials from 2:30 to 5:30 everyday – you can enjoy $5 house margaritas and other cocktail specials, as well as $3.99 Nachos, Queso Dip or Quesadillas, and even $2 tacos! Several gluten-free and vegetarian selections are available on the menu, too.

Our food travels continued with another night out at Iguana Wana! This is a large restaurant made even bigger by the addition of an outdoor seating area which is heated by portable burners in the winter. The palm frond palapa seating and colorful Mexican art transport you to a much warmer world. We were seated right away and chips with three different salsas to try. A citrusy green tomatillo sauce was my favorite, but a spicy chipotle and a traditional style salsa were great, too. Of course we ordered Margaritas - The Milagro reposado tequila and Mathilde orange liqueur used in their margaritas give these drinks a slightly sweet, upscale flavor. For the tequila aficionados, the bar serves over 100 different kinds of tequila, the largest selection in southeast Wisconsin. Several different styles of tequila are available as flights and some even come “on tap” so they are perfectly chilled!  

My husband ordered the Steak Rellenosconsisting of grilled skirt steak stuffed with shrimp, green and peppers, mushrooms and cheese. While this wasn't the classic stuffed pepper, it was mighty delicious. The dish came with rice and beans, and of course a boatload of chips and those wonderful salsas! This certainly was enough food for two hungry people.  The more traditional Chile Rellenos on the menu featured two large poblano peppers stuffed with Chihuahua cheese and smothered in your choice of either a red ranchero sauce or chipotle cream sauce, melted cheese, rice and beans. Here, you also have the option of ordering your Rellenos with chicken or beef. I’ve had them several different ways and prefer the cheese stuffed pepper with ranchero sauce – but variety is the spice of life, as they say. The cheese variation makes it friendly for vegetarians. Iguana Wana offers several other vegetarian selections including fajitas, chimichangas, quesadillas and enchiladas. Several of their salads can be made vegetarian or vegan style and there are even Gluten Free options, too.  A lunch express menu means you can be in and out in an hour and includes all your favorites from the dinner menu plus several specials to try out – something to consider if you’re in a rush for a local sports event or just on a break from work.

So there you have it. Tacos, Rellenos, and more Mexican Cuisine right here in Kenosha, WI. So head to your restaurant favorito and enjoy a little comida deliciosa! 

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