Dinner and The Rocky Horror Show

2/4/2019 - Denise Bernacki

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Dinner and a Show - The Rocky Horror Show in Kenosha, WI
Dinner and a Show - The Rocky Horror Show in Kenosha, WI
Dinner and a Show - The Rocky Horror Show in Kenosha, WI
Dinner and a Show - The Rocky Horror Show in Kenosha, WI

“It’s astounding.  Time is fleeting…” your chance to see the Lakeside Players’ rendition of The Rocky Horror Show is upon you!  “It’s just a jump to the left and then a step to the right” to make your way down to the Rhode Center for the Arts for this major theatrical event, which runs through February 16.  With your hands on your hips and your knees in tight, let’s do the Time Warp again – you can catch shows this weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or next weekend on Friday and Saturday.

If you’re not familiar with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, (Fun Fact: the MOVIE is known as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the stage version is just The Rocky Horror Show) here’s a brief synopsis: Brad and Janet, newly engaged, stumble onto the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter during a rainstorm. Taking refuge in the castle, they're present for the doctor's unveiling of his newest creation, Rocky. Over the course of the night, Frank seduces both Brad and Janet, Janet and Rocky become involved biblically, Dr. Everett Scott arrives looking for his nephew Eddie (whom Frank killed earlier in the film), and it all goes to pot when the guests discover that Frank is actually an alien (a transvestite from the planet Transsexual in the galaxy Transylvania) who's succeeded in creating the Sonic Transducer, "an audio-vibratory physiomolecular transport device" capable of "breaking down solid matter and then projecting it through space and, who knows, perhaps even time itself.” Yeah – it’s a lot to describe, so it will be a lot easier to understand if you decide to go see this hysterical and lively performance. 

If you ARE familiar with The Rocky Horror (Picture) Show, then you know that one of the main themes from the show is FOOD!  So whether you have a bite to eat before or after the show, here’s a few places to consider incorporating into your Rocky Horror evening. After all, it’s Restaurant Week and Foodie February here in Kenosha – what could be better than dinner and a show?

Meatloaf.  While Meatloaf the singer, who was in the 1975 movie version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show won’t be making a cameo at the Rhode Center for the Arts unfortunately, you can still eat it!  Welcome to Ashling on the Lough!  Located on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, adjacent to the Southport Marina, Ashling on the Lough offers an authentic Irish experience celebrating the food, music and drink of Ireland. They offer Hoppy Hour specials daily and a delicious brunch on the weekends, which includes their award-winning Bloody Mary - also a great pairing for the show!

Before you enjoy your Rocky Horror experience, check out Ashling for their Hoppy Hour from 3 – 6 p.m. You’ll love the $4 apps and taps deals!  My husband and I had the opportunity to do just that, we enjoyed their Irish Quesadilla with shredded swiss, Thousand island dressing, chopped cabbage and tender corned beef, served with homemade creamy horseradish sauce.  We also ordered the Colcannon Poppers which are Yukon Gold mashed potatoes whipped with Irish cheddar, cabbage and sautéed onions, rolled in panko, fried and served with Guinness gravy.  Other app choices include Beer Battered Onion Rings as well as Cheese Curds.

Next, we shared an order of the County Clare Meatloaf.  It’s a special blend of beef, veal and pork, perfectly seasoned and baked, then topped with Worcestershire caramelized onion gravy. The meatloaf is served with seasonal vegetables and your choice of potato.  This was so good that my husband requested that I try to duplicate the recipe at home.  Seriously, that good!

Rice.  As Brad and Janet’s friends celebrate their wedding by throwing rice at the newlyweds, you too can enjoy some rice…cooked though!  Visit Iguana Wana Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar or La Fogata Mexican Grill for some mouthwatering Mexican rice as a side to any entrée. Soon’s Sushi Café also offers amazing fried rice dishes!

Toast.  Used during the dinner party sequence, with all the guests sitting around the table, a toast is proposed to absent friends.  While you can raise your glass during dinner to propose a toast as well, you can enjoy toast with breakfast for a late lunch or dinner.  Try Bristol 45 Diner where breakfast is served all day, Franks Diner where they have delicious homemade bread for toast, Mason’s Eatery & Pub, The Coffee Pot (another awesome homemade bread venue) or The Daily Dose Cafe.

Hot Dogs.  The main character, is Dr. Frank N. Furter. Enough said. Grab a hot dog, or frankfurter, at Choo Choo Charlie’s or Trolley Dogs! While the show isn’t appropriate for kids, this food option totally is!

So let madness take its toll and see The Rocky Horror Show.  Even if you don’t catch the show, be sure to check out food suggestions. Whether you grab some meatloaf, rice, toast or a hot dog - try to keep control and let’s do the Time Warp again! Cheers to Restaurant Week and Foodie February!         

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