4 Great Steak Dinners in Kenosha

2/28/2019 - Amanda Jacobson

4 Great Steak Dinners in Kenosha, WI
4 Great Steak Dinners in Kenosha, WI

The steak dinner, it’s a rare medium well done. All jokes aside, this meal is a classic, and there are a million different ways you could go about it. It’s typically seen as an entree to order when celebrating, but with all of these options at our fingertips… why not get one whenever you have the craving? Once it was decided that I was going to cover this topic, I was honestly a little skeptical because I am a seafood-loving-chick who eats red meat once in a blue moon. That being said, I have a fiancé who considers himself a steak connoisseur (Guest Star, Dillon!). When I told him I was writing this post, he actually texted back saying “This is it… this is what I’ve been training for”. So here you have it! A take on steaks from the chick who doesn’t order them that often (but does like them!), and the guy who gets one everywhere he goes. Let’s dig into it.

Twisted Cuisine - New York Strip, Roasted Shallots, Roasted Carrots, Hollandaise Sauce, and Mashed Potatoes ($31) 

Twisted’s steak dinner is the best mix of traditional and original. The steak was a great cut and cooked exactly as ordered, the hollandaise was a unique and unexpected touch and the potatoes were cooked to creamy perfection. We even visited Twisted on New Years Eve (which is typically a service industry nightmare) and we received quick and accurate service! I honestly have no complaints about this dinner. They had a wide variety of cocktail options and Dillon even got to have his favorite dessert, Fruit Loop Cheesecake. I would say this place’s perk would be the originality of the flavors! 

HobNob Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge - Steak au Poivre, 12 ounce New York Strip,Brandy Peppercorn Sauce and Mushrooms ($34) *All dinners are served with your choice of soup (baked French onion soup is a là carte), as well as a tossed garden salad, fresh spinach salad, or a là carte Caesar salad*, your choice of potatoes, and warm dinner rolls*

Surprisingly, this was my first visit to the Hob Nob. We were able to walk around and see the decor a little before our reservation, which was adorable! It’s like you stepped straight back into a time machine. As for the food, we got the full experience and ordered appetizer, salad, and soup while waiting for our steaks to come out. The hot bacon dressing on the salad was absolutely delicious and the calamari was a generous portion. The entrees came out and were great, the star of the show was the peppercorn sauce. We had to wait a while because of the busy Saturday atmosphere, and as a result the waiter bought us out a complimentary Brandy Alexander ice cream drink… which was my personal favorite part of the meal! My thoughts leaving Hobnob were that the atmosphere, side dishes and desserts elevate this steak dinner to be far above average.

House of Gerhard - Ladies Cut Prime Rib- Choice of Potato ( $33.95) *All dinners are served with your choice of German Handrolls and Muffins, Live Pate and Garlic Toasts, Relish Salad of the Day and Homemade Soup or Salad.*

At House of Gerhard, we opted to get the Prime Rib, which is a littler different than the cuts of steak that we ordered at other restaurants. Personally, if I’m going to order some type of red meat, Prime Rib is my favorite. It’s easy to eat and melts in your mouth… and the plate I received at House of Gerhard was probably the best prime rib I’ve had. The sides were typical of a German, Wisconsin restaurant- lots of potato options with a relish tray on the table. Another positive note I will add is that I’ve been trying to stick to a “no carb” diet recently, and for being such a traditional place, they were surprisingly accommodating to substitutions throughout the meal. If I had to pick  a place solely based on the meat itself, this would have been my pick!

Sazzy B - Za'atar Filet Crusted filet- Smoky Creamed Kale, Roasted Parsnip, and Pomegranate Seeds ($36) 

If you haven’t already noticed from my other Visit Kenosha blog posts, I make sure to find a way to weave my love for Sazzy B Kenosha into all of them… no regrets! Sazzy’s has never disappointed me, and the steak dinner was no exception. The parsnips were absolutely amazing, and the meat itself was Dillon’s pick for best cut , best flavor and best cooked. Beyond the food, Sazzy’s offers an amazing cocktail menu and their staff is not only talented and knowledgeable, but genuinely personable. They really care about continuing to learn and grow in their industry all the while supporting their community. We are lucky to have a place as evolved as Sazzy’s in our hometown, and the steak dinner follows that example.

Four steak dinners in 2 months- you could call us over-indulgent, or you could call us smart… I’d suggest the latter. It was so much fun trying all of these places! They all brought something different to the table…literally. As I mentioned in the intro, I am not a huge steak eater, but I would absolutely revisit each of these restaurants for my next craving. In case you’re like, why would I listen to you then? (valid) Dillon is a BIG steak guy, and he genuinely enjoyed all of these meals in different ways. You really can’t go wrong. So if you have a reason to celebrate, or just want to find a way to make this Wisco winter a little more bearable and cozy, head out and feast this weekend! If you didn’t… It would be a big missed-steak. Let me know what you think!

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