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1/24/2019 - Denise Bernacki

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Walt's Tavern at Wilmot Mountain
Tubing at Wilmot Mountain
Walt's Tavern at Wilmot Mountain

Do you like playing in the snow? Can you sit in a tube?  Is gravity your friend? Love good food in a family-friendly atmosphere?  Then Wilmot Mountain is the place for you! Snow tubing and Walt’s Tavern will have you covered for a perfect day of food and family fun!

My husband, our 4 year old son Dominic and I had the opportunity to go tubing recently and boy did we have a tube-tastic time!  Dom had never been sledding before this year and he was too short last year to go tubing so once we knew he was at least 42 inches tall (that’s the height minimum), we didn’t waste any time heading to Wilmot Mountain!

Once you have your ticket, get a zip-tie and attach your ticket to your coat and head up the hill!  There’s no lessons needed so just grab a tube, have a seat, attach your group together if desired and GO!  It’s literally that easy - SO FUN!  The tubing lane attendants will help you get going and answer any questions you have.  Once they give you a push, you are officially tubing!  Experience the thrills of the hills - there are 22 lanes and they are over 1,000 feet long.  Once you reach the bottom, it’s time to get back up and go AGAIN!  Simply pull your tube behind you (or a tube filled with your little one; Dom loved getting pulled along) and make your way to the surface conveyer lift to take your back up.  That’s right, no climbing back up the hill!  

The lift can be a little tricky. Dom isn’t a huge fan yet of escalators so he opted to stay in the tube on the way up.  He sure enjoyed it but Daddy’s arms sure did pay for it the next day; it’s all part of the experience!  When you get on the lift, make sure to lean forward a bit as the conveyor is on an angle.  It takes just a few minutes to make it back up and then you are ready to fly back down again! It’s that simple!  We had such a great time and Dominic had a blast! Every time we reached the bottom, Dom would say “2 more times”!  

If you’re not done tubing but need to warm up a bit, visit the tubing lodge for a snack, a drink and to watch your fellow tubers fly down the slopes.  The Tubing Grill & Bar provides concessions like deep fried pretzels, hot dogs and hot coffee as well as a variety of beers and wines.

During the week tubing starts at 4pm so since my husband works during the day, we decided to have dinner first at Walt’s Tavern which is located at 11931 Fox River Road, just on the other side of the tubing area, but you would need to take about a 3 minute drive there.  Walt’s is a casual dining spot that overlooks the mountain where you can watch people ski and snowboard.  There are happy hour specials during the week for both food and drinks in the evenings. My husband and I couldn’t resist the BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich topped with Carolina Coleslaw on pretzel bread…it was so good.  You get to choose your side too, I had fries and he had ranch tots.  Dom stuck with his gold standard…chicken tenders with fries. Can’t go wrong!

Now back to the tubing! During our time at Wilmot, I was lucky enough to meet up with the amazing Rachael Muhlenbeck, the Marketing and PR Manager.  She told me about a fun tubing charity program they have for 2019.  Wilmot Mountain invites 501c3 organizations who are focused on youth, family, education, health and fitness or the environment to plan a fundraising outing.  Every participant (minimum requirement of 20) gets a group rate and the organization receives $5 per person who attends for your group!  For more details, message  

A couple of other cool programs that Wilmot offers are Ski/Board to Tube and Tube to Ski/Board!  How does it work?  To Ski/Board to Tube, take $10 off your tubing ticket when you ski/board within 14 days of ticket/scan and to Tube to Ski/Board, take $10 off your ski/board ticket when you show your tubing tickets within 14 days of purchase/scan. These offers are not not valid with any other offers and can be used once per day.  A great way to experience both sides of the resort and save some money along the way.  Who doesn’t like saving a few bucks?

Experience Winter at Wilmot before it’s over!  Whether it’s skiing, boarding or tubing, there’s literally something for everyone.  See you down the hill!


Important Notes:Wilmot Mountain’s Tubing area is located a 1/2 mile south of the main entrance to the ski hill.  Once you arrive at the tubing area, allow yourself about 30 minutes to get checked in, fill out waivers and watch a safety video.  Winter weather conditions constantly change so dress for the weather including waterproof/windproof outer layers, warm boots (no ski boots), hat, gloves and sunglasses or goggles to keep the flying snow out of your eyes. Weather conditions may affect track speed too as you can tube in the snow or the sun.  Snow conditions also determine if groups of tubers (up to 4) can be “attached” together while riding down.  The tubing lane attendants will let you know; the night we went we were all connected together; our son was in the middle!  It is also important to note the each rider needs to ride in a separate tube.

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