Breakfast: Your Way, All Day

1/15/2019 - Kim Spaetti

All Day Breakfast Options in Kenosha, WI
All Day Breakfast Options in Kenosha, WI
All Day Breakfast Options in Kenosha, WI
All Day Breakfast Options in Kenosha, WI

I don’t know about you, but I love a good breakfast! Kenosha has a few great places where you can enjoy breakfast ALL day, or at least during the entirety of a restaurant’s open hours. Check out these venues to get your pancakes, omelets and French toast beyond sunrise!

Bristol 45 Diner – Come take a stroll down memory lane as this 50s style diner is adorned with memorabilia and artwork to make it a place that is as fun as it is delicious! The breakfast menu is vast and the service is prompt! They are open everyday at 6am and close at 8pm in the fall and winter months. Breakfast is available all day long, and that’s a win for all of us!

Franks Diner – Famous for their Garbage Plate, giant pancakes and sinful cinnamon rolls, Franks offers breakfast options all hours they are open. During the week that means you can enjoy your favorites from 6am to 1:30pm, and on the weekends service starts at 7am. Their sassy service and historic train car dining room make this a place you will not soon forget!

The Coffee Pot – Right in the heart of Downtown Kenosha, this beloved restaurant offers daily homemade specials and local produce from the Farmers Market. Try their homemade toast, awesome stuffed French Toasts, homemade Corned Beef Hash and their amazing Bloody Marys! Although they are not open all day, you can still enjoy breakfast a little later into the day from 6am- 2pm daily.

Daily Dose Cafe - While the full breakfast menu is not available all day, some breakfast selections are available for the lunch hour. For example, the Frittata of the Week is available for breakfast with toast or for lunch with a spring mix salad! Hot coffee and other coffee beverages, like Frappes, are also available all day long!

Mike's Chicken & Donut Bar – If a sweet treat is what you crave, then consider the donuts at this downtown bar and restaurant. Donuts are made fresh daily, served all day long, and even come in a variety of weekly special flavors!

Pete’s Union Park Tavern – You may not think of Pete’s as a place for breakfast, but they do serve up a great brunch menu! Available on Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 3pm, this bar offers great and affordable breakfast fare. From eggs your way to biscuits and gravy, you’ll love the prices and the extended hours to enjoy them!

Cheers to Breakfast - no matter what time of day you get to enjoy it!

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