Warm Up with a Hot Beverage

12/6/2018 - Meredyth Wenta

Warm up with delicious warm beverages in Kenosha, WI this winter

With snow on the ground and a cold chill in the air, there’s nothing better than a warm beverage in a cozy restaurant or café. Kenosha is home to several places where you can find a toasty beverage and enjoy some quality time with friends or family. The beauty of being a blogger is that I can share a few of my favorite stops with you.

Harborside Common Grounds is a Kenosha staple, with customers ranging from studying college students to coffee-loving business professionals. Common Grounds is the place in Kenosha to go for a coffee and a snack. They serve a variety of coffee-based beverages ranging from your basic roast, to lattes, mochas, and espresso. Accompany your warm beverage with one of their delicious muffins, biscotti, or scones. If you’re coming in for lunch, Common Grounds also serves soup, in either a cup or a bowl. They also have amazing Hot Cocoa for kiddos, or kids a heart!      

Mike’s Chicken & Donut Bar is another perfect stop for a warm up. In addition to their delicious donuts, they have a menu of wonderful drinks. Some of the seasonal beverages include a Peppermint Mocha, a Macadamia Nut Latte, and a Mexican Hot Chocolate. If you’re looking for an adult beverage to warm you up, watch for their Martini of the Week specials! While each drink is unique and delicious, my favorite a recent one I tried was the Warm Brandy Pumpkin Pie – it tasted like holidays!

The Buzz Café is another comfy Kenosha hot spot, that features a variety of hot beverages and yummy paninis. The Buzz serves delicious, top-tier Metropolis coffee, and aromatic Rishi teas. They also serve a variety of paninis, which are always delicious. If you’re looking for a trendy, cozy place to relax, the Buzz is the place to go. Bonus: you can enjoy free wi-fi here and seats with plenty of power outlets if you need to get some work done. 

So after you go skating at the nearby ice rink or as you are out doing holiday shopping, stop by one of my favorites for a little fuel to warm your tummy, heart, and hands. Happy Holidays!

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