Top 10 Kenosha Area Eats Under $10

11/5/2018 - Oliver Debe

Kenosha Eats Under $10
Kenosha Eats Under $10
Kenosha Eats Under $10

Going out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner can, and often is, a great time to spend with your family, friends, or loved ones.  However, it also can become an expensive outing that could break your bank if you are not careful!  

The good news, whether you are visiting Kenosha or exploring the area and the community as a Tourist in your Own Town, is that there are some great spots to grab a bite no matter what time of day it is that are budget-friendly.  These great spots in the Kenosha area have fantastic food and drinks at even better prices.  Here are some of my Top 10 Kenosha Area Eats Under $10 and some of my favorite dishes at each location:

  1. Franks Diner - Breakfast and Lunch - Try the half garbage plate!  It’s Franks’ signature item!
  2. Jack’s Cafe at Jack Andrea - Breakfast and Lunch - The homemade soups and chocolate shakes are the best in Kenosha.
  3. Brat Stop - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner - Did someone say brats and cheese curds?!? Sign me up! 
  4. Century Pub & Eatery - Lunch and Dinner - The hot beef sandwich is delicious and a classic here.
  5. Harborside Common Grounds - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner -I love the white chocolate mocha with extra whipped cream!  Their build-your-own lunch sandwiches are the bomb, too.
  6. Tenuta’s Delicatessen & Liquors - Lunch and Dinner - Their homemade pasta, sauce, and “muffo-lotta” sandwiches are one of a kind.  Truly a Kenosha tradition.
  7. Johnny’Z Pour House - Lunch and Dinner - Great drinks and awesome weekday specials!
  8. The Coffee Pot - Breakfast and Lunch - I appreciate their corn beef hash for breakfast – it’s homemade.  Plus, the coffee is great on a Saturday morning!
  9. The Spot Drive-In - Lunch and Dinner - Burgers, fries, and homemade root beer in your car, year-round. Yum!
  10. Bristol 45 Diner - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner - Breakfast served all day!  Create your own omelet for lunch and dinner.  Who says breakfast can’t be for dinner anyways?!?

Many of these locations across the Kenosha area are timeless and have been around for many decades.  Some are new and rapidly becoming favorite go-to stops. All of them define the milieu of Kenosha and what it has to offer its residents and visitors, alike.  Check out these stops for great #KenoshaEats at $10 price points and less. You won’t be disappointed!

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