A Change of Scenery - Working Remotely in Kenosha

10/22/2018 - Amanda Jacobson

Kenosha makes working remotely a breeze - from quiet corners to lively co-working spaces.
Kenosha makes working remotely a breeze - from quiet corners to lively co-working spaces.
Kenosha makes working remotely a breeze - from quiet corners to lively co-working spaces.

Calling all work-a-holics! If you work remotely full-time, or don’t…but are guilty of taking on one too many side-hustles (I know that game all too well) I have some tips for you! Here are my favorite places around town to set up shop and get work done – whether you live in Kenosha or are visiting and can’t seem to get away from the grid. There’s something that will fit whatever type of environment works best for you!

Lunch & Learn:

Jack Andrea - Jack’s Cafe at Jack Andrea has undergone a renovation and it is gorgeous! The atmosphere is so bright and inviting, and the menu gives you some great healthy breakfast and lunch options. Not only does the cafe offer Wi-Fi, but they also have a shop full of super cute merchandise that you can browse if you need a break from your concentration. This place is ideal to spark some inspiration during your work day!

The Buzz Cafe - The Buzz stands strong as my favorite coffee shop in Kenosha. They offer some really inventive breakfast and lunch panini’s, and their coffee drinks are amazing. My go to is the butterbeer latte! (…Harry Potter Nerd for Life) There is a ton of space for you to sprawl out and have a decent size work space, they even have couches in the back where you can get comfortable! Wi-Fi is included with a check-in on Facebook.

Harborside Common Grounds - The upside of heading to Common Grounds for the work day: a gorgeous view. This cafe overlooks the lakefront and offers a deck while the weather cooperates. You can grab a sandwich and a great cup of coffee and jot down a to-do list or get some writing done. The downside, no Wi-Fi. So just make sure the work you need to do doesn’t require internet access!

Fully Equipped:

The O at Backyard Dream Studios - The addition of working space in the recently renovated Orpheum Theater is such a great asset to Kenosha. At The O you can take advantage of shared work areas (starting at $10/day), conference rooms ($25/hour) and Photo/Video Studios ($40 Hour). There truly is nowhere else in town that offers such a variety of workspace options for you or your business.  Amenities include: Printing, copying, Wi-Fi and coffee.

Libraries - Another great option for getting work done while surrounded by a ton of resources are any of the Kenosha Public Library branches. No matter what side of town you live, there is one nearby! You can head to the Southwest, Simmons, Northside, or Uptown Libraries and research using their books, magazines, videos and audio tapes. Not to mention Wi-Fi, desktop computers, meeting rooms and printing/copying services available for use. Our libraries are free and something we should all appreciate!

After Hours:

PUBLIC Craft Brewing Co. - Sometimes when the clock strikes five and there is still work to be done, you may need a change of scenery to motivate yourself. If you’re almost to the finish line anyway, why not stop for a beer over at PUBLIC? Here you will find great brews, comfortable lounge seating, a game corner in case you need a brain-break, and free Wi-Fi! It's a great spot to network or have a casual meeting/meet-up, too.

Rustic Road Brewing Co. - Very similar to the scenario mentioned above, if the work day went long and you could use a drink to push through to the end, Rustic Road is another great option! There is plenty of space to spread out in their new, bigger location on 6th avenue. They also offer some quick food like soft pretzels and pizzas if you need a bite to eat while you finish your work.

That’s a wrap! There are plenty of great places you could choose to work remotely in Kenosha, but these are the ones I gravitate towards heading to camp out and check off my to-do list. If you're in search of meetings spaces or other co-work spots, check out this list. I hope you give them a chance the next time you get the opportunity to spend time out of the office. Grab your laptop, throw your headphones in and handle it! You got this!

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