Game Day Kenosha Eats

9/16/2018 - Laura Tyunaitis

Football Game Day Kenosha Eats - add these treats to your party list!
Football Game Day Kenosha Eats - add these treats to your party list!
Football Game Day Kenosha Eats - add these treats to your party list!
Football Game Day Kenosha Eats - add these treats to your party list!
Football Game Day Kenosha Eats - add these treats to your party list!
Football Game Day Kenosha Eats - add these treats to your party list!

You don’t have to be at your favorite stadium to enjoy a football game. You don’t even have to cook your own tailgate party food! Thanks to the awesome restaurants and shops in the Kenosha Area, your gatherings to watch your favorite team throw the “pig skin” can also include things like potato skins and popcorn! Here are some of my favorite Football Day treats and places to watch a game with friends in the Kenosha Area.

If you’re looking to fill the snack bowls at your house, then look no further than Sandy’s Popper. With every flavor combination imaginable, from classic yellow cheddar or beer cheese to spicier options like Chili Cheddar and Picante, this is a great way to treat your guests to something yummy to munch on. This locally-owned shop offers flavors in individual bags, or you can mix and match flavors into large popcorn tins. If you have a special flavor request, simply call ahead and place an order to ensure you get the variety you want for your game day festivities!

Right next door to Sandy’s is another favorite - Trolley Dogs! While there are no TVs on site to watch the game, a carry-out order is always an option. Skip the fuss of setting up your own hot dog buffet, and order a variety of dogs to-go! You can get some “dragged through the garden” and others smothered in cheese sauce and bacon! The combinations are awesome and you’ll be an MVP with such unique hot dog creations to feed your hungry crew.

There are few parties that take place in Kenosha that don’t include something from Tenuta’s Delicatessen & Liqours. Football Sundays should definitely include a Muffalotta sandwich or deli platter! Muffalottas are made fresh daily and are one of the most signature items at Tenuta’s – you don’t even have to pretend you made these sandwiches. Your guests will know that you care to buy the very best when they see the round rolls and the iconic Tenuta’s lable! 

If you’re looking for a spot where you can belly up to the bar for good eats, cold drinks, and perfect eye line2019 to a TV, then The Garage is the place for you. Jalapeno Bites and Spicy Fried Pickles are among my favorite game snacks here – and I love that I don’t have to fuss with making them myself! Both are great with a side of Chipotle Ranch!

Johnny’Z Pour House is a hot spot for Packers vs. Bears games, given its location right on the boarder of Wisconsin and Illinois. Here you must check out the Totchos (yes, those are Nachos made with Tater Tots instead of Chips) and the taco dip. Taco dip and nachos are staples at any football party, and this bar serves them up even better than you could at home – and there are more TVs here than at home, too. 

Is there a more perfect food for sports fans than a Chicken Wing? With more than a dozen sauces and dry rubs, Mike’s Donuts & Chicken is the place to get your wings on! In fact, it’s not just the place for wings, but for drumsticks, thighs, and buckets of chicken, too! Add donut glaze to your wings, coat your thighs in honey butter, or drench your chicken sandwich with bleu cheese and buffalo sauce! Any way you like it, for dine-in or carry-out, Mike’s has your chicken needs covered!

A hearty meatball bomber is always a crowd pleaser. Though the venue may be small, Gordy’s Prairie Pub packs a big punch with their homemade bombers! This neighborhood bar offers lunch and dinner, dine-in or carry-out, and a full bar. Their homemade chili is delicious and available available, too. 

Feeding a large group can be a challenge, but pizza is an easy and tasty option. Whether you like deep dish or thin crust, the pizza at Kaiser’s Pizza & Pub is a game-winning plan! Some of their unique pizzas like the taco and BBQ chicken verities, even combine other football food flavors as reimagined pizza toppings. Don’t forget a side of Beer Nuggets! These bread bites made from pizza dough are brushed with olive oil, garlic and seasonings, and topped with parmesan cheese. Drunk them in a little marinara for a perfect side dish. 

Whether you are sitting at the bar or grabbing a to-go order, La Fogata Mexican Grill has some great eats that turn up the heat on game day. You can order their homemade Guacamole and chips to take to your next game day event. Be sure to check out their specialty verities of guac, too. The Harvest style is a favorite – with pumpkin seeds and chili paste! 

Don’t miss the Loaded Fries at Waterfront Warehouse. These babies offer a spin on Poutine with interesting combinations like Bandito Fries – which are topped with Chorizo, Queso Blanco, pickled jalapenos, and pico de gallo, or The Wisconsin Duck Fries – topped with Wisconsin Cheese Curds, duck confit, mushroom gravy, and chives. Classic pairings like chili and cheese, are also available. 

With plenty of big screen TVs, and a reputation for being the headquarters of the Packers vs. Bears rivalry, there are few places as exciting to watch a game as The Brat Stop. Get an iconic brat, cooked in a fire right behind the bar for a taste of Wisconsin culture. Polish sausages, cheddarwurst, cheese curds, and other great appetizers and dining options are also available. 

Nothing goes with all these great game day foods like a growler or pint of craft beer from any one of our three local breweries! There are plenty of football games left in the season, so start working your way through the list of great game eats in the Kenosha Area! 

Laura Tyunaitis

Marketing Director, Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

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