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9/28/2018 - Denise Bernacki

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Kenosha, WI is home to three local craft breweries!
Kenosha, WI is home to three local craft breweries!
Kenosha, WI is home to three local craft breweries!

This month I am celebrating my FIRST birthday in Wisconsin. Well, it’s my 36thbirthday, but you get the idea.  My husband and I are also celebrating our FIRST wedding anniversary in Wisconsin, (that’s our 9th anniversary, by the way…if you’re keeping track).  One of our favorite things to do together is try new breweries and craft beers - so that’s how we decided to spend our date day! We visited Kenosha’s THREE craft breweries for the FIRST time! Celebrate with us be reading this blog, and then go celebrate something special to you by touring these breweries yourself!


Rustic Road Brewing Company

Our FIRST stop was Rustic Road Brewing Company in Downtown Kenosha. Founded in 2012, they just celebrated a much-anticipated Grand Re-Opening in their new(ish) location. How appropriate for us to start our brewery tour here!  We feel that the best way to get a good taste of what a brewery has to offer is to get a flight.  You can try a variety of styles without committing to a full pint.  Rustic had ten beers on tap the day we visiting, so we didn’t argue when we found out we could get a flight of ten.  Their most popular brews are Simmons Island Imperial Blonde, Hazelnut Harvest (their flagship brew), F451 (a jalapeño peppercorn pale ale) and Wakatu Smash IPA.  I also liked that they have guest brews on tap, bottles, cans, bombers (22oz bottles), growlers (a big jug of beer that you can get filled and essentially take your favorite along with you) and press premium alcohol seltzers as additional options for consumption.  The seltzer flavors included blackberry hibiscus, grapefruit cardamom, lime lemongrass and pomegranate ginger - yum!  These all sound very refreshing and I am very excited to try them on our next visit…but now back to the beer!

My husband and I sampled all ten beers, and are favorites are (drumroll please):

His: Rory’s Wee Heavy (just how it sounds, thick and heavy) and F451 (jalapeno peppercorn)

Hers: Hazelnut Harvest (tastes like the fall) and Simmons Island Imperial Blonde (smooth and probably perfect for the beach too, which just so happens to be another favorite!)

It is important to note that they have food here, too. I love that they have food because when I really like my beer, I really don’t want to leave. While we didn’t order any food this time, some highlights I spotted on the menu included garlic parmesan wings, pulled pork and chicken sandwiches, and an elote bites appetizers.  

Did I like Rustic Road Brewing Co.?  Well let’s say I’m sipping on some Hazelnut Harvest from the growler we filled while we were there as I write this blog.


PUBLIC Craft Brewing Company

Our SECOND stop was PUBLIC Craft Brewing Co. in Downtown Kenosha. I’ll let you in on a little secret… this is not the first time we’ve been here, so for the sake of this blog, don’t tell anybody.  

There were ten PUBLIC beers on tap, and I’ll just let the cats out of the bag now with our favorites:

His: Bits & Pieces Mosaic IPA (a bold IPA without the bitterness)

Hers: Southport Sunrise Tequila Sunrise Sour (doesn’t taste like tequila at all, just sour and smooth). I will say that I never even knew sour beer existed until I came here and I love it!

They offer flights, growlers, bombers, cans and by the glass of course.  Another unique option at PUBLIC is that they feature a special small-batch cask brew. This is great because it’s always fun to try something new.  If you’re in the mood for something non-alcoholic or for your under 21 friends, they do have root beer and water, too.  Hungry?  They have sausage sticks and popcorn available, but you are encouraged to bring in your own food or you can order in delivery - very cool.  PUBLIC is a fun place to hang out because there are no TVs or jukeboxes - play shuffleboard and foosball or giant jenga. Have great conversations with your friends or the taproom staff.  Feeling artistic?  Grab some sharpies and decorate some coasters.  Where else can you do that? It’s really a place that is about good beer and good people. 


R’Noggin Brewing Company

“Open The Door Richard” and experience the newest and most non-traditional brewery on the list! This one brings us out of the downtown area and out toward I-94.  R’Noggin Brewing Company was created by two brothers who literally put their “noggins” together to craft great beer.  They started by brewing in garages and basements. Which isn’t so different from their current location - it is literally a garage, but a really nice one, I promise! It’s a square building with large garage doors that open making it an awesome venue in the summer – with direct access to lawn games and fresh air. This is truthfully our FIRST time visiting R’Noggin, and I’m sure it won’t be our last.  It more of a nano-brewery, as they had just four beers on tap – but the four were worth the visit. In true beer tour fashion, we ordered up a flight.  

Our favorites were:

His: Not Today IPA (he loves IPAs…he even ordered a full glass afterwards if that tells you anything!)

Hers: Off With Their Peanuts (chocolate peanut butter oatmeal porter, like a dessert).  Perfect way to end the tour!

While enjoying your beers, hang out and watch the game, play BIG Connect 4 or mini corn hole, or hit the tetherball around the pole - so awesome! R’Noggin will fill growlers but only their own at this time - don’t growl just yet! It’s only because they are just getting started and want to spread the word.  Food-wise, they did have popcorn and pizza available but you are welcome to bring in your own food or order in.  


Being new to the area, we have really enjoyed exploring our new home during our FIRST year here. It makes us feel like tourists – in our own town. We love having local craft beer in Kenosha and these three breweries will not disappoint!  Whether you are looking for Rustic’s food and drink all in one, a Public artistic beer-drinking experience, or treating Your-Noggin to something new, take on the Kenosha beer tour trio. It’s a blast!

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