The Art of Crafting Cocktails

8/27/2018 - Amanda Jacobson

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The Art of Crafting Cocktails, Sazzy B Kenosha WI
The Art of Crafting Cocktails, Sazzy B Kenosha WI
The Art of Crafting Cocktails, Sazzy B Kenosha WI
The Art of Crafting Cocktails, Sazzy B Kenosha WI

In the past, Kenosha has been known as a middle point for those traveling either direction – north to Milwaukee or south to Chicago - for dinner and cocktails. Luckily for us, Sazzy B has brought that experience right downtown without having to leave the Kenosha area. I doubt anyone would argue the fact that this establishment has the most artfully created drinks in town!

Any night of the week, Sazzy’s has a special that will draw you in. Monday’s (my personal favorite day of the Sazzy week!) are for Martinis… meaning half price martinis along with half off the cocktail of the week (which is ananounced on their social media accounts each week). Tuesday’s are all about the top shelf, featuring name brand drinks and half priced appetizers. Wine Wednesday offers half off wines and a $10 pasta special. On Thursdays you can pop in for two beers for the price of one (or just one for half price, but that’s not nearly as fun). Another huge perk- they have live music 6 days a week! No matter what your taste or price range is, Sazzy’s has you covered – just pick a day!

The craft cocktail menu is, without a doubt, the best in town in my opinion. Sazzy B's talented bar staff invents the recipes based on what is seasonal and which herbs the kitchen is using to be sure the drinks pair well with the food menu. They even have a specialty juice and syrup mixologist who delivers these ingredients fresh every week- even bringing the juices multiple times a week as they feel they taste the most crisp within 36 hours. When opening the menu at this restaurant, you are presented with a page that begins with this statement: “This is not a drink list. This collection represents the art and craft of the cocktail as an experience.” And an experience you will get! The following pages show off bold and exciting flavors- offering drinks that throw sparks, blow smoke, and smell delicious. It’s magic.

There is a section on the first page of the menu that is called the “Improv Section” because “it’s like liquid Jazz”. Here you can choose one spirit, one flavor profile, and one glass from the list provided and the mixologist will take care of the rest. If you’re not so sure about your own judgement, the pages that follow offer an “autograph series” which showcases a drink of choice from each of the bar staff along with a seasonally changing cocktail menu. When I asked what he loves about working at Sazzy’s, Justin Haferman said, “Pushing boundaries and expectations for cocktails in Kenosha is a such an exciting experience”. As someone who is tasting Justin’s drinks regularly, I will agree that it’s an exciting experience on the other side of the bar as well!

The cocktail of the week is a fun way for Sazzy’s to experiment with different flavors without committing them to their seasonal menu. Any time I stop in for Martini Monday, I try out the cocktail of the week (even if it’s not in my normal flavor profile preference) because it’s a fun and affordable way to step outside of my comfort zone! If you’re someone who orders the same thing every time you go out because you’re just not sure what else to order, stop in to Sazzy’s and check out their weekly special. Manager Kurt Schrader says, “What I enjoy most about the ‘Cocktail of the Week’ program is the ability to introduce new flavors, pairings, formats, etc. to our community that supports us so much! This just expands on our personal recipe stash and our bar program as a whole.” This is a place to be adventurous in your dining and drinking experiences – and the staff is ready to help you do just that. 

On a personal level, Sazzy B is a place that feels homey to me. I walk in and can hold a conversation with the staff because they make an effort to know me from previous visits, or to help people who may be there for the first time. I meet my aunt for martinis many Mondays and grab dinner with my grandma when she’s in town. My fiancé proposed on the sidewalk out front and our friends and family celebrated around the bar afterwards. Sazzy B is taking strides in keeping Kenosha up-to-date on culinary excellence, but it still hasn’t lost it’s small town touch when it comes to customer service.

If an urban fine-dining experience isn’t your thing and you prefer something more casual like a craft brewery or a diner, Kenosha has plenty to offer in that realm, too. However, I encourage you to stop in for a visit at Sazzy B - the bistro lights will be on, the band will be playing, and you’ll be greeted at the bar with a smile and some good spirits...pun intended. Cheers!

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