Jazz, Rhythm, Blues, and Food - Oh My!

8/4/2018 - Amanda Jacobson

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HarborPark Jazz Rhythm and Blues Festival in Kenosha WI
HarborPark Jazz Rhythm and Blues Festival in Kenosha WI
HarborPark Jazz Rhythm and Blues Festival in Kenosha WI

One of the most anticipated events of the summer is coming up on August 18 and you should be running out to get your tickets! It’s almost time for the HarborPark Jazz, Rhythm, & Blues Festival!

Located right on the shore of Lake Michigan at Celebration Place in HarborPark, the fest is a great place to experience the Jazz music scene, as well as some awesome culinary talents. Even more importantly, it’s an event with a purpose, as proceeds from the festival benefit scholarships and other financial support for young people in the Kenosha area. The event is hosted by the Mary Lou & Arthur F. Mahone Fund, whose mission is to “provide educational opportunities for economically and academically deserving youth, and to support healthy lifestyle initiatives in communities of color.” 

The musical headliner of the festival is the Lao Tizer Band from Boulder. Other notable performances include Urban Soul, Nabori, and Wayne Baker Brooks. All concerts are included in the advanced ticket price of $25 ($35 at gate). Or, if you want an especially great experience you can buy a VIP pass for $85, which will include food and beverages.

One of the most unique aspects of the event is the culinary studio demonstration. This year, Chef Hans Cys of Capital Grille Milwaukee will be taking the stage to showcase his talents and show the process behind crafting a gourmet meal. The highlight will be a Lobster and Crab demonstration, paired with other summer recipes. The cooking studio is set up with a mirrored panel above it to show off the chef’s talents and ensure that the crowd gets every angle of the cooking demonstration. Whether you’re someone who loves to cook, someone who loves to eat, or someone who just has an appetite for other observing the talent of others, the cooking studio is a worthwhile stop when attending this event! What goes better with great music than great food, right?

You can buy your tickets online or in person at Tenuta's Delicatessen & Liquors, Jack Andrea, or the Kenosha Community Foundation office. Tickets can also be purchased day-of at the gate. Hope to see you there for music, food, drinks, and a whole lot of Kenosha Fun!


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