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7/1/2018 - Charlotte Peigen

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Yoga at Petrifying Springs Biergarten Kenosha WI
Yoga at Petrifying Springs Biergarten Kenosha WI
Yoga at Petrifying Springs Biergarten Kenosha WI
Yoga at Petrifying Springs Biergarten Kenosha WI

Recently opened for the second summer season, the Petrifying Springs Biergarten has already become a staple in the community. Tucked away amongst the trees of the park, “Pets” Biergarten is an authentic German beer garden serving Bavarian pretzels, sausages and bratwurst, alongside an ever-changing drink menu featuring beer and wine selections. They even have a “Biermosa”. Every night of the week there is something new to explore. Whether you’re into kickball leagues, trivia, or family-friendly fun, there is something for everyone! Saturdays are especially unique with morning yoga in the park.  

For those of you that love the solid carb-load pretzels and beer provide, but also feel the need to work off a bit of those calories beforehand, “Poses & Pints at the Biergarten” is held at Petrifying Springs Park every Saturday morning. Happening in the field behind the Biergarten, this 45-minute class is open to all levels of yogis. No need to know your sun salutations from your shavasanas! You will see everything from people wearing t-shirts and shorts using a towel, to perfectly coifed yoga ensembles practicing on a color-coordinating yoga mat. One may even overhear a husband muttering ‘there better not be any poses where I have to put my feet above my head’. All ages, sizes, genders, and races can be seen stepping on to their mats and away from the hustle and bustle of the week. The unique aspect of this class is not only being outside and grounding yourself in nature, but the sense of community you feel. On the particular Saturday that I attended class, there was a children’s birthday party nearby, as well as a frisbee game going on, not to mention all the bikers cycling through and dog park patrons with their furry friends. You couldn’t help but feel as if you had a finger on the pulse of Kenosha. 

While all ability levels are welcome, it helps to have either a general knowledge of yoga poses, or at the very least a sense of adventure and ability to laugh at yourself. The class moves fairly quickly, but the teacher cheers you along. “Inhale deeply, exhale fully”. It’s a great mantra to take away if nothing else. I would recommend slathering on the bug spray and suntan lotion before you come to class because while being surrounded by the lush green forest is therapeutic, nature can be a fickle beast. Child’s pose just isn’t as relaxing when your arms are starting to burn. No one wants to be scratching bites while trying to balance in tree pose amongst the trees!

This is the perfect class to grab a group of girlfriends (or guy friends) and start the weekend off getting your blood flowing - because waiting for you at the end is an ice cold beverage straight from the tap. Included in the $10 class fee is a complimentary beer, wine, or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice from the Biergarten. Class begins at 11:30 a.m., so when it concludes at 12:15, the Biergarten is open for normal business and you and your yoga mat can mingle with classmates or those patrons there for a Saturday lunch. Following class, my personal reward for all those downward dogs was the rich, malty sweetness of a Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest. After being in the hot sun working up a sweat, the cold beer was a welcome respite. When all is said and done, Poses & Pints is a fantastic way to kick off a weekend no matter if you’re a solo yogi or a member of a gal pal getaway. It’s a drop-in class, too, so no need to register – a great option if you are just visiting the Kenosha Area for a weekend!

Poses & Pints at the Petrifying Spring Biergarten 
Every Saturday at 11:30 a.m. through September 29 - weather permitting 
Admission is $10 per person and includes a complimentary beer, glass of wine, or non-alcoholic beverage 
Cash only. (The Biergarten has an ATM)
Pro Tip:Arrive early to get a good spot to be able to see and hear the teacher. 

This session is Ananda (translation: Bliss)! Namaste!

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