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6/15/2018 - Amanda Jacobson

Brunch in Kenosha WI
Brunch in Kenosha WI
Brunch in Kenosha WI
Brunch in Kenosha WI
Brunch in Kenosha WI

It’s finally starting to feel like summer in Kenosha and one of my personal favorite warm weather activities is outdoor brunch! Most Saturday and Sunday mornings you can catch me bopping around town with my fiancé, friends, and family drinking mimosas, eating eggs benedict, and enjoying the sunshine. I’m here today to share a few restaurants in the area that offer brunch in an outdoor setting and some ordering tips and tricks for each! I like to think that weekends are for waffles, who’s with me?!

Mike’s Chicken & Donut Bar - This place is exactly what the name suggests, a restaurant specializing in fried chicken and fried dough. Definitely nothing wrong with that! One great thing about "Chicken & Donuts" as a venue is that the sidewalk outdoor seating situation is super dog friendly. So if you’re looking for an easy place to bring your furrier friends, this is it. While they do offer a brunch menu from 7-11am, if you’re a late riser and don’t stroll in until the afternoon you’ll still be able to order a chicken leg and donut appetizer and a selection of breakfast drinks, including some awesome boozy milkshakes! Their mimosas and bloody marys are super Instagram worthy and come with all the garnishes you could imagine… even a piece of donut! This is definitely a fun place to bring friends from out of town or people new to the area.

The Coffee Pot - There’s no doubt about it that The Coffee Pot is my most frequented brunch spot. They recently had to expand into the building next door because it’s SO good that everyone and their moms flock there on Saturday mornings to get their fix. I have a pretty dialed in order at this point, The Kenosha Kingfish Benedict and an Irish coffee, but will occasionally switch it up and order one of the specials because they are super tempting! My fiancé Dillon never strays from his Omnivore Omelet with a side of hash browns and a bloody mary. I would call the food classic diner breakfast with a twist, there is definitely something for everyone here. The patio area offers an outdoor bar and a really enjoyable atmosphere. If this hasn’t sold you yet, come on in next weekend and we can talk more, you’ll more than likely find me there!

Sazzy B - The brunch menu at Sazzy B is so inventive and is equally as appealing to your eyes and taste buds. The dishes and drinks come out looking and tasting beautiful and the staff is as friendly as they are knowledgeable. The outdoor seating situation here is along the sidewalk and is also really convenient to bring your pets. My pro-tip is to order the Green Bowl with an order of French toast to split as an appetizer with friends. That way you can treat yourself and also get your veggies in for the day! Or you could just order a bloody mary because…tomatoes are healthy…right?! If you’re looking for artfully created dishes, a killercocktail menu and well-trained servers who will become your friends, Sazzy B is the place for you. 

Franks Diner - Last, but certainly not least, we have one of the staples of the city - Franks. The wait is typically long and the staff will most likely insult you, but that is oddly enough the charm of the place. You won’t understand unless you go give it a chance, but waiting in line and hearing the employees bantering with each other and spouting off smart remarks to the patrons is actually half the fun of the whole experience. There are a few tables out front where you can sit outside if you’re lucky enough to snag one; my suggestion is to show up early if you want to go that route. Once you do get seated, the garbage plate is a must! Whether you choose to order a full or a half, you’ll be brought a heaping pile of everything you could ever imagine wanting in an omelet, paired with some amazing homemade toast (or order their delicious homemade cinnamon rolls). This place was on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and deserved every ounce of the publicity it got. It’s truly part of the Kenosha experience!

Other great brunch stops in the Kenosha Area include The Red Oak Restaurant, Bristol 45 Diner (where breakfast is served all day long), Mason's Eatery & Pub, and Johnny'Z Pour House. And don't forget to check out all the great dining options for any time of day or occasion - Kenosha has a great culinary scene!

Thanks a brunch for reading along… I’m SO eggcited for you guys to get out and try these places! I’d like to propose a (buttered) toast to eating outside, enjoying each other’s company, and adding some champagne to your orange juice! Cheers!

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