Finding Treasure: Geocaching in Kenosha

6/8/2018 - Trisha Blaine

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Geocaching in Kenosha County
Geocaching in Kenosha County
Geocaching in Kenosha County

Each year on my children’s birthdays, we try to do something special of the birthday kid’s choosing. It usually revolves around whatever they are currently into, and with three little ones, it usually relates to something Disney, princess-themed, or the outdoors.  This year we were in for a challenge, treasure hunts!  My kids are currently obsessed with scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, and anything that relates to me hiding clues around the house in order for them to find the “booty.”  It has been a long winter and I have pretty much exhausted the Pinterest posts on indoor scavenger hunts.  In my searches, I have often been lead to geocaching.  For those you who are unfamiliar with geocaching, like I was, it is an outdoor scavenger hunt using GPS coordinates.  I had found the perfect birthday day adventure, and was in search of where to start this new hobby.

Unlike my husband, I do not have a background in military orienteering, nor am I a way finder like Moana of Disney fame, so the idea of using two coordinates to try to locate something hidden by a stranger literally makes me break out in a sweat.  How was I going to be Super Mom and fulfill this birthday dream? Because fool that I am, I showed this awesome concept of geocaching to my daughter which resulted in it being all that she talked about for her birthday, and I had no idea what to do.  Enter: Pringle Nature Center, to save the day! Not only did they have a course on Geocaching for Beginners… it was on the birthday girls actually birthday! Mom Win!

We headed out on a cool Saturday in May to partake in the course for a small fee ($5.00).  The Pringle staff took us on guided cache finds to learn how to use the GPS devices, as well as the right and wrong ways to go “caching” through the woods.  If you already know a little about Geocaching then you can just head to Pringle and rent a GPS device for $5.00 and the cache coordinates are already preloaded.  To be honest, I found the GPS device to be more difficult to use than using the Geocaching app on my phone, but it allowed my children to learn a new skill and that’s always a win in my book.  Pringle maintains their trails very well, so well in fact that even my youngest (at 18 months old) was able to do some trekking (but spent most of her time on daddy’s shoulders).  Pringle Nature Center is chock full of great “caches” to find, 13 in all.  Furthermore, the experience opened up the opportunity to treasure hunt Kenosha County. 

Did you know that there are 593 Geocache sites within 10 miles of Kenosha’s city center?  From the Southport Lighthouse to Silver Lake Park, and everywhere in-between.  There are 27 “treasures” to find within the grounds of the Richard Bong State Recreation Area alone.  You do not need to go out and buy a Garmin to take advantage of these Kenosha treasure hunting opportunities, you likely already have one in your purse or pocket. The official Geocaching app and a smartphone are all you need.  Just follow the simple directions to get started with maps and hints guiding you to the caches and new corners of Kenosha that even lifelong residents have yet to discover!

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