Happy Donut Day!

5/31/2018 - Guest Blogger

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Celestial Donuts at Mike's Chicken and Donuts painted by Rachael
Celestial Donuts at Mike's Chicken and Donuts painted by Rachael

The sky isn't the limit here at Mike's Chicken & Donut Bar – especially on National Donut Day (June 1)! From donut bombers to boozy milkshakes, there's just about everything deliciously funky in between. We've got classic burgers and waffle fries, too, if you feel like keeping it simple. 

As a bartender, server and barista, I've also had the opportunity to showcase and share my own tasty ideas! Inspired by late night munchies, these treats will satisfy your sweet tooth like no other. Cheetos donuts, a deluxe cookie macchiato, and a maple bacon praline donut milkshake (The Wake n Shake) have been some of our best sellers. The real magic happens when our team have time to get creative. The lull of the April snowstorms (Oh Wisconsin!) gave me the opportunity to expand my love of painting space gas with India ink to painting celestial donuts with chocolate! Yes, I get paid to paint and sling donuts. I am living my best life.

Each one takes about an hour to make due to layers of colors that create deeper, more realistic nebulae. One of our morning regulars, who happens to be an astrophysicist, thinks they're out of this world! I've been told they're too pretty to eat, but too delicious not to eat! In honor of National Donut Day we'll be dishing out our finest creations- including our Double Decker Donuts! You may even see a limited quantity of my constellation donuts! But don’t stop at donut day – come check out all our delicious delicacies any day of the week. 


By Rachael Vaughn

Local Artist and Barista at Mike's Chicken & Donut Bar


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