Foodie February: Happy Cheesing

3/2/2018 - Christina Brzezinski

Dairy State Wisconsin Cheese Shops and Food Options in Kenosha WI

While the month of February has come to an end, we couldn't let the food-devoted blogs end without a nod to the great category of CHEESE! The Dairy State is known for just that: dairy! And most importantly, cheese. If you’re looking for a Kenosha spot to enjoy one of Wisconsin’s most well known products, there is no shortage of places to find a cheese that is certain to please your taste buds.

If you’re looking for a meal that is centered around cheese, Mars Cheese Castle is a sure hit. From fried cheese curds to customizable grilled cheese sandwiches, you are sure to find a cheesy food option that is satisfying. If you prefer something east of the interstate, check out Captain Mike’s Beer & Burger Bar. They offer a unique create-your-own mac and cheese option – making this a choose your own adventure dining experience. If mac and cheese isn’t your thing, The Garage offers multiple cheeses to top and/or stuff your burger with! They also have awesome fries with garlic and parmesan cheese! Need something that takes you back to basics? Then The Francheezie or the Kenosha Dog at Trolley Dogs (hot dogs smothered in cheese sauce!) are the perfect fix.

Looking to enjoy cheese in a more sophisticated way? Try one of the delicious charcuterie boards offered at The Buzz! Sazzy B also offers a delectable Three Cheese Mac on their dinner menu.

Of course, cheese is always enjoyable on its own, but if you’re looking to buy any kind of cheese, whether it’s spreadable, a block, or fresh cheese curds, Mars Cheese Castle offers over 350 different types of cheeses, you’re sure to find what you need there! The Brat Stop has a great selection of cheese, too. They even offer Cheddarwurst – bratwurst with cheddar cheese mixed into the sausages. Tenuta’s Deli is another great stop for specialty cheeses, specifically Italian varieties. Here, you’ll even find a custom blend of grated parmesan for your pizza and pasta topping pleasure.

Cheese can come in many forms, and dessert is no exception. To round out your cheesy experience, you cannot go wrong with the Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake from Wine Knot or a cannoli from Tenuta’s Deli filled with ricotta cheese, or even Chocolate Cheese (which tastes very similar to fudge) from Brat Stop! In Wisconsin, we can work cheese into every meal and snack of the day!

Happy cheesing!


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