Putting the HA in Kenosha

1/23/2018 - Jared Rasmussen

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Kenosha Comedy Club at Wyndham Garden Kenosha Harborside

Why did the chicken cross the road?

If the road is 6th Avenue, and the cross street is 51st Place, and it is a Friday or Saturday night, the chicken is probably on his way to the Wyndham Garden Kenosha Harborside to check out the brand new Kenosha Comedy Club!

I was pleased to attend the Club on just its third weekend since opening to the public on New Year’s Eve.  The stage and sound system took up temporary residence in the hotel’s ballroom as the finishing touches were put on the Club’s permanent home just across the lobby. The Club is sponsored by Happenings Magazine and its owner, Frank Carmichael, who welcomes touring comedians to see and perform in our city.

The new Comedy Club room will have a capacity for 110 people; the organizers set up chairs and tables in the ballroom to accommodate approximately the same number. The Club will hold shows every weekend with one show on Friday night and two on Saturday night. Drinks can be purchased from the hotel bar and are allowed into the Club. There are great dining options in the area to enjoy dinner before hand, or drinks after the show, too.

The show that I attended in mid-January featured three comedians from Chicago:  Mike Maxwell, Tom Worbel, and headliner Greg Schwem. Lasting about 90 minutes, the majority of the performance was covered by Schwem, whose past lives include journalism student, news reporter, syndicated columnist, and corporate speaker. He touched upon many of these careers in his set. Content from all three comedians varied from astute one-liners (“I wonder how far into a snake its tail begins,” said Worbel) to slice-of-life stories peppered with the humor that resonates when sharing the story with an audience.  The material was all of the “PG” variety with no profanity and little suggestive material; it remains to be seen how the content may differ in, say, a 10:00 p.m. start time - but this 8:00 show was appropriate for most audiences. Having said that, the majority of the crowd seemed to be adults with groups of friends or significant others, and why not?  A comedy show makes for a great date on a Friday or Saturday night!

From what I saw, the Kenosha Comedy Club has great potential, particularly if it continues to tap into the resource of comedians from our neighboring big cities. This is a great addition to the nightlife scene in Downtown Kenosha, and I encourage everyone to check out this exciting new endeavor. Looking at the lineup ahead, everyone should be prepared to laugh – the Kenosha Comedy Club seeks to put the “ha” into KenosHA!

Jared Rasmussen

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Carthage College Graduate. Kenosha Resident by way of Racine.  Roommate to Allie, the cat. Living near HarborPark. Interests include art, animals, sports, music, and dining at Kenosha restaurants.