It's Time for Foodie February

1/31/2018 - Laura Tyunaitis

Explore the Kenosha Area's culinary scene during Foodie February.

Greetings from Kenosha! It’s your friendly neighborhood foodie here, just chiming in to give you a little sample of what is on the blog menu in February.

That’s right. Foodie February is almost here. Starting next week, the Visit Kenosha blog will be focused solely on the great dining options in the Kenosha Area. Why? Because February is about LOVE and we LOVE good food. Also, Downtown Kenosha Restaurant Week takes place in February, so it’s a great time to highlight downtown eateries, as well as other dining establishments throughout our community. Plus, the alliteration of Foodie February just makes me smile.

If you haven’t picked up a 2018 Kenosha Area Visitors Guide, I suggest you do that now. Or at least check out the publication online. We have some great food-themed articles, including an overview of our culinary landscape, a piece about some of our favorite cheesy dishes, and even a bit about beer (which pairs great with food!). I tell you all this so you can do some preliminary studying before hitting K-Town for your dining adventures this month or later this year. And since we only had so many pages to fill with food in the Visitors Guide, our Community Blog Team will have posts to tickle your taste buds all month.

Watch for anecdotal stories, dining itineraries, and even a poetry-inspired review or two. From stunning sushi to deep-fried cheese, steaks to burgers, carnivorous, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free… and everything in between, we have the scoop on Kenosha Eats!

Laura Tyunaitis

Marketing Director, Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Extrovert. Foodie. Wife. Godmother. Fourth Generation Kenoshan. Vices include: office supplies, Disney movies, and chocolate milk. Dishing out the Kenosha hospitality in true geek fashion.