$20 Kenosha Area Adventures

1/20/2018 - Nancy Davies

$20 goes a long way in the Kenosha Area
$20 goes a long way in the Kenosha Area
$20 goes a long way in the Kenosha Area
$20 goes a long way in the Kenosha Area
$20 goes a long way in the Kenosha Area

Recently I put on a jacket that I hadn’t worn in a while, and guess what I found? Yes, yes, an old receipt and a crumpled-up wrapper! But beside that there was a $20 bill lurking in the depths of a pocket! Getting ready to go to the grocery store, I was delighted with my unexpected windfall, but then I wondered, “What else could I use this $20 for - to have more fun spending it?”

So I came up with these ideas that fit the bill. (Pun intended!) If you check your pockets (or wallet) and see a $20 bill, or two $10s, or 20 singles, or…well you get the idea…then here are some ideas on what you can do with it, and this plan is sure to put a smile on your face. We'll even hit a variety of interests!

Go to the theatre. I don’t mean to the movies – thought that’s nice, too – but rather take in a live performance of Rent put on by Lakeside Players at the Rhode Center for the Arts, January 19 through February 3. With adult tickets just $13, you have enough left over for the snack bar. They have wonderful productions throughout the year. 

I’m over the moon about this next one. Get your $20 bill ready to shop for gourmet jelly beans at the President’s Case Load Sale, February 16 - 19 at the Jelly Belly Visitors Center. I’ve already made room in my car to bring home the treats. (Shhh…don’t tell my husband, it’s a surprise.) If jelly beans aren’t your thing, you’ll be glad to know they also have fudge, gummies, candy corn, and a whole store filled with other goodies – and $20 goes a long way.

Elsie Mae’s Bakery & Cannery will be re-opening after their winter hibernation. They have an ever-green deal every day of the week. Buy 4 mini pies or frozen take-and-bake pot pies for just $20. Mix and match flavors and varieties to stock your freezer or entertain guests. 

Take an adult “field trip” to PUBLIC Craft Brewing Co. in Downtown Kenosha. You’ll find events such as book discussions, the “PUBLIC Education” collaboration series with the Kenosha Public Museums, and other entertainment. Occasionally there is a ticket fee for an event, but beers are typically around $5 each. So go ahead, use that $20 to buy a round. Or purchase a growler for just $6 and fill it with your favorite beer (growler fills start at $12).

And finally, go on an expedition to The Cypress Tree where you’ll find antiques and used furniture. See what vintage items catch your eye and what you can take home for your $20, whether it’s one item or several. This is not a place to just dash into for 5 minutes, but rather you need to take your time and uncover the treasures that abound.

Next time you look at a $20 bill, remember, it’s not only for groceries, bills, and gasoline. Kenosha is an affordable place and our dollars go a lot farther here than in some cities (you know, our neighbors north and south). Enjoy the wealth of good times we have in Kenosha County that often come at a small price!


Nancy Davies

Community Blogger

A Kenosha County transplant 10+ yrs. ago, Nancy and her husband love the friendly, beautiful atmosphere of Kenosha. Enjoying finding the hidden gems of the area, she also enjoys being by the lake!