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9/19/2017 - Nancy Davies

Unique Shopping in Kenosha, WI
Unique Shopping in Kenosha, WI
Unique Shopping in Kenosha, WI
Unique Shopping in Kenosha, WI

One of the things I enjoy when traveling is finding local stores where I can buy something to remind me of where I’ve been. I’ll take a piece of jewelry or a pretty scarf over a souvenir snow globe any day.  This is something I also like doing in my own town, here in Kenosha County. While the area has its fair share of national retailers, take a closer look and you’ll find interesting places that will surprise you with a unique gift for someone or a little something for yourself. Grab your wallet and find out what’s in store.

Don’t overlook Modern Apothecary thinking it’s just a pharmacy. I adore the yesteryear feel of the interior and the variety of items found inside. Located downtown Kenosha, this gem was opened in 2015 by Dr. Erin Merritt, who was born and raised here.  Dr. Merritt wanted to open an independent pharmacy, catering to local residents; you’ll find everything you’d get at a chain pharmacy but with the personal touch and care of Dr. Merritt. However, there’s more. You’ll see natural holistic remedies, skincare, essential oils, select toys, and gifts. The staff is friendly and helpful and the atmosphere has the feel of a modern-vintage gift shop. Is that a thing? It is now. They are closed on Sundays, but open every other day of the week for browsing.  

Just a bit down the street from the apothecary, you’ll find Peacetree Originals. This retailer has crystals, jewelry, fair-trade items, clothing, gifts and more. A store for the Bohemian soul, looking around awoke a bit of the Bohemian that lurks inside me. I often times stop by with no thought of what to buy, instead browsing and waiting to see what calls my name. On this last visit, I purchased crystal Selenite, which helps clear negativity; I can never have too much of anything that will do this type of work. Peacetree Originals should be a stop for a unique gift, a lover of fair trade, or something to refresh your spirit.

A visit to Kenosha’s uptown neighborhood might surprise you with the stunning selection at DeBerge’s. This is a family-owned, 127-year-old custom framing and gift store run by the family’s fourth generation. I met Kim DeBerge, one of the sister pair that currently owns the shop. hr gave me a history, told me about some of the North American artists whose jewelry is sold there, and gave ne a behind the scenes look at the section where the framing is done. There I saw an array of items - LARGE and small - people have in the shop for framing services. From family photos and posters, to a humorous vintage tea towels that are soon-to-be preserved, and even a box-framed tool that was surely destined to be a special gift. I had my eye on a beautiful leather clutch purse I’m still thinking about which means I’m likely making a trip back there soon. If you’re driving east on Roosevelt Road / 63rd Street, you’ll know the building by its exterior mural – a replica of Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night,” this one painted by local artist, Eric Houghton.

My retail tour ends with Seebecks in Pleasant Prairie. It’s been 25 years since Seebecks first opened its doors, and the offerings have only expanded in that time. What’s inside?  Creations by local, regional, and national artists, that’s what! They tout that approximately 80% of their offerings are made in North America! Earlier this year, my husband purchased a beautiful necklace for my birthday here (I love it, dear!). I’ve given a glass vase as another gift, as well. On this visit, I admired some interesting sculptures and drooled over beautiful artwork, and wondered how many earrings are too many to have? I then decided there isn’t a number! Oh! when looking for a wedding gift for a couple, this is the place to find the item that will be enjoyed for years to come – frames, decorative art, vases, and more – possibilities are endless.

These are just four of the many stores that are uniquely Kenosha! Remember, shopping is functional and fun, as well as good for the soul. You’ve heard of retail therapy, right? Shopping local always adds a little extra dash of feel-good to any purchase!

Nancy Davies

Community Blogger

A Kenosha County transplant 10+ yrs. ago, Nancy and her husband love the friendly, beautiful atmosphere of Kenosha. Enjoying finding the hidden gems of the area, she also enjoys being by the lake!