Top 5 Sweet Shops in Kenosha

9/1/2017 - Christina Brzezinski

If you are looking for a place to get a sweet treat, Kenosha has got you covered! There is no shortage of bakeries, ice cream shops, and sweets stores to browse through to find that perfect dessert (they’re all perfect in my opinion!). I had no problem checking out a few places in Kenosha that offer sugary indulgences for when you need to satisfy any sweet tooth craving! Here is a list of my Top 5 stops!

Robin’s Nest Cakery
Robin’s Nest Cakery first got its start in downtown Kenosha in 2011 – but had done custom orders and operated at HarborMarket prior to opening a brick and mortar storefront. The owner, Robin, makes all of her desserts fresh and uses local ingredients when she can find them. While she is known for her custom cakes and cupcakes, she also sells an abundance of other sweets in her shop, including chocolate covered pretzels and cake pops! I had to try a cupcake, of course. The maple bacon flavor is my absolute favorite, but I decided to try something different this time and chose salted caramel and vanilla. The shop also has a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) toppings bar for your cupcake, which is enjoyable for both adults and kids! Bonus: If you want to become a cake-decorating master, Robin offers classes and parties in her shop!

Scoops Ice Cream
You can’t have desserts without ice cream! Scoops Ice Cream is definitely one of my favorite ice cream shops in Kenosha. With over 30 different flavors to choose from, it is definitely difficult to just pick one! Scoops also offers tons of different ways to eat your ice cream, such as in a brownie bowl or a dipped cone - you will not just want to eat it out of a regular dish. I chose Zanzibar chocolate as my flavor in a dipped waffle cone and boy, was it tasty. Ice cream not your thing? Scoops also offers sherbet and Italian ice. In addition, Scoops offers six vegan ice cream flavors, as well as flavors that accommodate allergies and food sensitivities. They even have doggy ice cream for your furry friend to enjoy at the outdoor seating area!

Elsie Mae’s Bakery & Cannery and Myrtle Mae’s Sugar Emporium
I may be “double dipping” here and working two shops into one list item, but they go hand in hand! Pies and chocolaty desserts are all here at Elsie Mae’s and Myrtle Mae’s – and since they are owned by the same family, it makes sense to list them together! Elsie Mae’s offers a variety of different pies (including pot pies to take and bake at home!), both in regular and mini sizes, along with canned jams, drink mixes and honey - all of which are made using fresh ingredients from local farms. I chose a mini blueberry pie to take home, although my favorite flavor is the honey pie! Elsie Mae’s sister store, Myrtle Mae’s offers a different kind of dessert: ice cream, cookie dough and chocolate! This store offers small specialty chocolate desserts along with several flavors of ice cream, specialty shakes, and desserts made with cookie dough! Although I only purchased two small chocolates, I will be coming back in the future! Bonus: Myrtle Mae’s offers a creation called a Pie Shake. You can pick a pie flavor and an ice cream flavor and have them blended together for an incredible a la mode treat!

Common Grounds
Although Common Grounds may be known more as a coffee shop, they also serve delicious desserts! They offer various flavors of dessert bars, such as the blondie bar (which I got on my research outing for this blog post), or the turtle bar. They also serve cinnamon rolls and other pastries and cookies. In addition to these, their coffee drinks could definitely double as desserts, and I have to note that their hot chocolate is also my favorite in Kenosha! Just make sure to get it with the whipped cream! Bonus: Dessert with a view. The deck at Common Grounds is easily the best view in town, overlooking the Kenosha Harbor.

Mike’s Chicken & Donuts
The last place I checked out was Mike’s Chicken & Donuts. Mike’s is known for their specialty donut flavors that no other shop in the city serves - like their candy coated donuts or even their Mimosa flavored donuts! However, I decided to try their donut fries. The great thing about their donut fries is that you can get them customized, so I got mine coated in crushed Oreos! The glaze on these is incredible, too, making this an especially sweet treat. Definitely a breakfast that will get you energized – or at least sugared up! Bonus: You can enjoy other donut treats, too. Donut Pizza, Donuts with Chicken, Chicken with Donut Glaze, Donuts on Cocktails, and so much more!

I just made a small dent in the dessert shop bucket list! Our city is home to many more places to enjoy good eats – especially sweets like a pastry, ice cream or dessert - so check some out our dining venues for yourself and have dessert first!

Christina Brzezinski

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Native Kenoshan. Recent UW-Parkside grad. Lover of all things Kenosha. Always on the lookout for a good deal and something sweet to eat.