Tackling Disc Golf in Kenosha

8/13/2017 - Jared Rasmussen

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Disc Golf at Lincoln Park in Kenosha, WI
Disc Golf at Lincoln Park in Kenosha, WI
Disc Golf at Lincoln Park in Kenosha, WI

As a millennial, a sport like disc golf appeals to me:  I’m old enough to enjoy a round of golf but can’t afford the greens fees or pricy equipment that normally goes with it.  Play Frisbee alone doesn’t quite cut it. Combining the two, though, makes something unique, challenging, and incredibly fun. Thankfully, Kenosha County has four parks housing six disc golf courses: Fox River Park in Salem (two courses), Silver Lake Park in Salem (one course), the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Campus (two courses), and Lincoln Park in Kenosha (one course).  You don’t need to be part of a club or have tons of fancy equipment, just a couple flying discs, some good walking shoes, and an hour of your time is about all it takes to get started in this relatively new sport.

Wanting to get started with the right equipment, I bought a kit that came with three discs representing a “driver,” an “iron,” and a “putter,” - in club golf metaphor. Also, not wanting to be look like a complete novice on my first outing, I headed to a clearing at Simmons Island Park to get in some practice throws. This alone was good exercise, chasing down my own discs. It’s days like these I wish I had a dog.

My first official attempt at a course was at Lincoln Park. I parked as close as possible to the listed address of 7100 22nd Avenue, though entering here put me around the 10th hole.  I meandered through the park, spotting the first nine holes in reverse order (future disc golfers on this course can thank me for doing the leg work!), until I arrived at Hole 1.  This detour, however, took me through the park’s beautiful gardens – so that was a bonus and made up for the delay in my play!

When I finally arrived at the first hole and “teed off”, I found disc golf not much different than its clubbed cousin - throwing my disc instead of my driver.  Unlike club golf, a complete newbie is capable of getting pars on his or her first round (I got five, all on the front nine holes).  Fortunately, most of my golf puns still apply and are as funny as ever! (Highest score wins, right?)

Hole 12 is a challenge with its tee box and hole on opposite sides of a pond.  Park rules allow beginners to drop their discs on the other side of the pond without penalty, which I proudly did.  (Hey, it was my first round!  How much more “beginner” can you get?)  I only had three discs, and I could have lost my entire fleet before clearing the required 200 feet.  I actually lost one disc on the next hole, either in the reeds or the pond itself, as Hole 13 also bends around the pond.  A sign advised to watch out for thin ice, which must have been really thin on that 80-degree day (clearly a warning for the winter months).  No matter – I continued on my way with only two discs.  I just hope I didn’t endanger the habitat of the crane I saw flying overhead, who incidentally was faster than my iPad camera shutter.

As I finished the par 54 course with a 78, I reflected how nice it is for the county not to have just one such course, but six - as mentioned earlier.  The experience also allowed me to hit my step goal for the day as walking the course was 3,454 steps on my pedometer, or about 1.5 miles.  Your actual steps may vary based on stride length and, well, skill level!  I look forward to buying another “driver” and trying the remaining courses in the near future!   

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