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8/16/2017 - Dana Harvey

Inner Child Collectibles & Comics in Kenosha WI
Legos at the Kenosha Public Library in Kenosha WI

It seems like geek culture has never become more popular.  Superhero movies are dominating the box office, retro video games are making a huge comeback, and one of HBO’s most popular shows features kings and queens complete with magic and dragons. It’s a great time to be a fan!  Keeping in line with this trend, it turns out there are quite a few places in Kenosha where you can get in touch with your inner geek. (Oh! And we’re not talking about geeks as in “unpopular” folks – Geeks are enthusiasts of a specific culture! Example: Our friends at the Visitors Bureau might be called “Tourism Geeks”.)

If you’re the kind of person who always loved playing video games, even in the days where the graphics weren’t all that great, you may already be familiar with Inner Child Comics & Collectibles in Downtown Kenosha. In addition to a HUGE (no, really… it’s massive) selection of comics, action figures, games, and other pop culture paraphernalia, this shop specializes in video games! That’s right, play them, test them, buy them, trade them! The shop is filled from floor to ceiling with items to make you geek out!

Another thing that is gaining popularity quickly themed trivia nights. From Harry Potter to Star Wars, trivia is popping up all over the place for geeks to test their smarts against other fans! Johnny’z Pour House recently hosted a Harry Potter Trivia Night and has Simpson’s Trivia night scheduled. Mike’s Donuts & Chicken recently hosted a Friends Themed event, too! Trivia can be a “Geek Sport” even when it doesn’t have a theme. tg’s Restaurant & Pub hosts trivia every week – and it’s free to play.

The ultimate Geek worthy game right now is Pokemon Go! Making headlines for the past year, people combine the real world with a fantasy world.  As with any city, Downtown Kenosha and pots throughout Kenosha County are filled with Pokemon Go hotspots. Double Geek Bonus: Downtown Kenosha not only has Pokemon, but also a ton of interesting history.  Players of the game can tell you that Poke Stops always give you a little background information about the location.  Even after living in Kenosha for almost 8 years, there are landmarks that I had no idea existed until I started exploring in the game!  For example, I never knew that Orson Welles (of Citizen Kane and War of the Worlds Fame) called Kenosha home as a child!  While the house is now a private residence, you can still see the plaque commemorating the home and catch some Pokemon to boot!  The house is located near Library Park, and it is one of my favorite spots to walk and play the game!  

Speaking of Library Park and the Simmons Library, which is of course the namesake of Library Park… the Kenosha Public Library embraces Geek life, too! Every Second Saturday of the month at 2:30 p.m., there are tours of Simmons Library for history geeks or just Kenosha geeks. Additionally, things like HTLM coding classes, chess night, adult coloring groups, anime club, and Lego robotics classes are all some of the fun programming that the library offers. You can really geek out over any subject, and the library specializes in encouraging education and exploration of new things.

So no matter what your geek type is - whether that be gamer, reader, or retro-enthusiast, Kenosha has something for you!  Another great thing about these places is that they are all open year round!  There is no limit to the ways you can embrace geek life here!


Dana Harvey

Community Blogger

Born and raised in Illinois, crossed the Cheddar Curtain in 2008.  Singer, teacher, aspiring Jeopardy contestant and trivia aficionado.  Discovering new things about Kenosha every day!