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6/21/2017 - Brittany Langham

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Petrifying Springs Park Kenosha, WI
Petrifying Springs Park Kenosha Co. Wisconsin
Petrifying Springs Park Kenosha WI

If you’re anything like me, a lover of warm weather, there is no other way to spend a beautiful sunny day outside than at the park. The smell of the grill, friends and family gathered, children running around as their parents watch eagerly thinking to themselves, “I hope they will sleep on the way home” (Am I Right?).  However, Petrifying Springs Park offers more than just a picnic area for a barbeque. There is everything from hiking trails and playgrounds galore, to volleyball courts, a golf course, and even a dog park.                 

So, where did the name “Petrifying Springs” come from? Well, an old legend tells us about a young Native American girl who loved near the Pike River. She was soon to be married but decided not to marry who her father intended for her. A spell was cast over her by her would-have-been father-in-law, and when she went to the river the next day, she turned to stone (or was petrified). Sounds like a Disney movie, right? In case you’re a little more practical, Petrifying Springs or “Pets” as locals call it, has a spring that is formed by rainwater that filters down through the soil. The water carried dissolved lime, which it then deposits as it leaves the hillside. This resulted in “petrified” objects like acorns, leaves, and so on, being found around the spring. The park was discovered in the 1830s by pioneers traveling north from Chicago. Years later, the land was purchased by the Milwaukee County Land Office.  It is now the oldest park in the Kenosha County Parks system.

Picnics, hiking, golfing, and playing at the dog park are the most widely known options for enjoying the picturesque park – and those are a lot of fast paced activities for one day. But there is more! A variety of FREE activities for all ages. Check out yoga, CrossFit, wild life exploration, and even kids’ activities. You’ll find different events going on throughout the summer.

Slow things down with the newest addition to the park – the Petrifying Springs Biergarten. Located at shelter No. 1 (directly across from the Carlisle Family Dog Park), it provides guests a German-style pub atmosphere. Offering various beers, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages, you can grab a table inside or outside and unwind as you watch the sun go down. A variety of food and snacks are also available for purchase. There are even movies shown on Fridays at the Biergarten (early June – early October) that are PG or PG 13, making them family-friendly to attend.

I hope you will take a few hours or even a day to explore the beautiful atmosphere that Petrifying Springs Park has to offer. Whether for a nice walk with the dog or a day of fun for the whole family - there is something for everyone.

Brittany Langham

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Fur mama and military spouse! Moved from Virginia to beautiful Kenosha two years ago. She loves finding and experiencing new adventures! If it involves food, friends or fun... she’s there!