Good Morning, Dairyland!

6/9/2017 - Nancy Davies


Rise and shine my hungry friends! Mark Saturday, June 17th on your calendar, set your alarm clock for an early morning rise, and get moo-vin’ to attend the annual Kenosha County Dairy Breakfast put on by Kenosha County Dairy Promotion.  This year’s event is being held at Daniels Dairy Farm in Kansasville. (Don’t let the address fool you – this is still Kenosha County.) You’ll get to indulge in a delicious hearty meal that, let’s face it, you probably don’t make for yourself unless your mother is visiting, am I right?

By being the early bird, your ticket includes scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, pancakes, fresh bread and butter, yogurt, a muffin, juice and, every kid’s breakfast dream, ice cream! Best part – aside from the “I didn’t have to make it myself” – it only costs $6. Holy COW! And children age 6 and younger eat FREE.  

Bring cash to pay for your breakfast because there’s no fancy online ticketing system or ATM here - it is a working dairy farm, after all. If you don’t want to eat (you’ll be missing out), then the barn tours, tent visits, and games are FREE. Oh, and this event is only open between 6:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., so I was serious about getting up early. You can hit the snooze button once, but that’s it! You snooze too long, and you’ll definitely lose!

According to Kenosha County Dairy Promotion committee member Kristen Olsen, the breakfast has been taking place each year since 1981.

“The breakfast location changes each year, hopping from one dairy farm to another,” said Olsen. “We expect to see our regular attendees show up at Daniels Dairy Farm around 6:30 a.m. Newcomers may wish to do the same; last year we had a total of more than 3,700 visit the event, not including the 100 or so volunteers who are there.”

Daniels Dairy Farm is a seventh-generation farm milking 310 Holstein cows twice a day, which creates 21,000 pounds of milk every day. It’s good to know this farm does not use growth hormones, so drink up! The 550 acre farm also produces crops of corn, wheat, and hay.

You’ll tour barns, watch milking demonstrations, learn more about the workings of a farm at the Agriculture in Action tent, perhaps be able to pet a cow or two, and more. Kids can play old-fashioned games – such as digging in corn to find tokens to turn in for prizes. Plus, there are farm toys for sale, as well as items to purchase in the Wisconsin products tent.  

Parking will be available on the farm, with entrance off of Highway 75. In the event of rain, alternate parking with shuttle service will be available, so don’t let the raindrops stop you from going to enjoy your morning down on the farm. This is a great way to experience “Dairyland” without straying too far from the city.

With so much to do I wondered how much time to plan for my visit.  Fortunately, I knew who to ask! “Plan to spend about an hour or two,” Olsen suggested. “We even have people bring their own folding chairs to sit around chatting and relaxing after they eat." Then I wondered about wardrobe. “Don’t dress up,” Olsen laughed. “You will be on a farm so there is sand and dirt. If you arrive in white you’ll leave wearing tan.”

On the day, if you prefer to work up an appetite consider taking part in the Kenosha County DairyAir Dairy Bike Ride. The nearly 14-mile ride to the farm begins at 7:00 a.m. at Bristol Woods Park. When you arrive at your farm destination, you’ll find special bike parking and a tented rest area for riders. More information about the FREE bike ride is here.

Let’s recap…

  • Kenosha County Dairy Breakfast from 6:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
  • Happening at Daniels Dairy Farm in Kansasville.
  • Free admission but breakfast is $6.00 (cash only) and children age 6 and under eat free.
  • Milking Demonstrations, Barn Tours, Agriculture in Action Tent, Children’s Games, Wisconsin Products available for purchase.
  • Optional: Start out participating in the free DairyAir Dairy Breakfast ride departing from Bristol Woods Park at 7:00 a.m. and ride your bike to the breakfast.

It’s said breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there’s no better way to enjoy it than a morning at Daniels Dairy Farm, rain or shine! Don’t worry, if the sky opens up you’ll eat under a tent or in a barn so your scrambled eggs will be safe. Unless I’m sitting next to you, then I can’t promise what will happen.

Nancy Davies

Community Blogger

A Kenosha County transplant 10+ yrs. ago, Nancy and her husband love the friendly, beautiful atmosphere of Kenosha. Enjoying finding the hidden gems of the area, she also enjoys being by the lake!