How Sweet It Is

4/3/2017 - Dennis DuChene


Last week it was announced that Haribo will be investing $245 million in Pleasant Prairie to build their first North American gummy bear manufacturing facility here in Kenosha County. While it will take a couple of years for this project to come to fruition, it got me thinking how sweet things are in the Kenosha Area. Here are some great places to visit when you have a sweet tooth craving or just want to treat yourself… in no particular order:

Jelly Belly Visitor Center This top attraction offers a train tour with videos detailing how the Jelly Belly Candy Company was started and how they make some of their popular products. This tour concludes with a free bag of Jelly Belly beans as a bonus. The fun doesn’t stop with the tour, though. The candy store offers all the flavors of Jelly Belly beans, including all of the wild Bean Boozled flavors, as well as dozens of other types of candies. The chocolate and caramel Turtles are outstanding, in my humble opinion.

Sandy’s Popper This mom and pop shop in Downtown Kenosha is definitely a sweet destination. They are known for their popcorn and ice cream selections. Some of their mixes include chocolate drizzle, candy mixed in, or even sprinkles in the Birthday Cake flavor. My personal favorite is their Yellow Cheddar Cheese Popcorn – even though it falls into the savory category!

Jack Andrea Jack Andrea is a Kenosha icon known for their wonderful selection of gifts, jewelry, home décor and novelty items. They are also home to Jack’s Café – which features an old fashioned marble soda fountain. The shakes and malts are incredible, as are their wide selection of desserts.

Robin’s Nest Cakery After you enjoy a cup of soup or a wrap at the newly expanding Robin’s Nest Cakery, dessert is a must. From cookies and scones to cakepops and her famous cupcakes, narrowing your selection can be tough. However, you cannot make a bad decision when it comes to picking out cupcakes – they are all delicious.

Elsie Mae’s & Myrtle Mae’s Choosing which shop to grab a treat at is as difficult as trying to choose a favorite grandparent. (Did we mention that these stores are both named after the owner’s grandmothers?) Pie or a Pie Shake? Parking is free in Downtown Kenosha, so get both and enjoy a brisk walk to burn the calories.

Mike Chicken & Doughnut Bar The Thin Mint, made with Girl Scout cookies of the same name, has been a popular donut right now. Since that flavor is seasonal (based on when Girl Scout cookies are available), it’s important to know that all the donuts at Mike’s are made fresh daily with fun combinations of toppings and fillings!

Scoops Ice Cream In a new location with expanded seating, a scoop of ice cream is just the beginning of the sweets available at Scoops! Banana Splits, Sundaes, and more are all on the menu! You’ll spot the store by the brightly colored ice cream cones on the exterior of the building!

Many of our locally owned restaurants offer some great desserts, too. The sweet surprises are endless - there is always a culinary adventure waiting for you in the Kenosha Area.

Dennis DuChene


Team Leader. Husband and Father. Enjoys challenges and loves finding solutions. UW alum – UW-Parkside that is. Illinois transplant who enjoys living, working and playing in Kenosha.