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1/31/2020 - Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Staff

Featured Partner, Foodie
The Daily Dose Cafe
The Daily Dose Cafe
The Daily Dose Cafe
The Daily Dose Cafe

“We are foodies at heart,” says Jennifer Capponi about her business, The Daily Dose Café. What started as both a lifelong dream and a passion for Jennifer turned into a coffee shop and then a full café that serves breakfast and lunch. The Daily Dose Café is located at 6010 40th Avenue in Kenosha. The staff embraces home cooking with food made from scratch – if they cannot make it themselves, they only use the highest quality products and ingredients. A plant-based menu complements the regular menu. You can dine in, order carry out, or enjoy the outdoor patio during the summer. Here is an edited interview we had with Jennifer.

KACVB: When did you open the business?

Jennifer: I opened Daily Dose in September of 2007. After dreaming and searching for the perfect location for over 15 years, I circled back to this spot, which I originally looked at when I was 20 years old. I am the sole owner, however my husband Tom Capponi is my silent partner in crime - whether he wants to be or not.

KACVB: Has it always been at the same location?

Jennifer: Yes, this has been our only location for almost 13 years.  We are actively looking to expand. Actually, we have been trying to build or open a second location for almost 5 years as we have outgrown our space. I know that growth will come in due time and I will be patient till the right space comes up.

KACVB: Is this your first business?

Jennifer: This is my first business. I have dreamed of this my whole life. There is something about the hospitality business that gives me life. I have worked in restaurants since I was 15 years old. Even while holding down a full-time corporate job for a mail order company in Illinois, I worked part-time at local restaurants in the community. One of my first jobs was Wendy’s and the ELK’s Club (now The Stella Hotel & Ballroom). Working in the food business is like home to me. I love to serve people and cook. It is my passion.  Sometimes, passion is the only experience you need.

 KACVB: Why the name?

Jennifer: Well the name comes from trying to communicate what I wanted this business to be, and how I viewed our main product which was coffee and food. Everyone needs their Daily Dose of Coffee for sure, and their favorite comfort food. So getting your Daily Dose just made sense. I think I was sitting at a stop light when the name came to me.

KACVB: What is The Daily Dose Café​ known for?

Jennifer: We are most known for our breakfast, lunch, and homemade soups, in addition to the best coffee in town that is roasted in Milwaukee at Colectivo. For Breakfast… unique breakfast offerings such as the Signature Breakfast Panini’s like the French Toast Panini made with scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon. Also, our  Homemade Biscuit Gravy is a favorite always, which is available as a plate called “The Bisca-licious”, it’s a meal of Biscuits and Gravy on top of seasoned potatoes and finished off with eggs on top.  Since opening we have introduced unique items like “Sweet Potato Hash” made with chorizo and our Veggie Scramble Wrap.  

For lunch … hands down… our Awesome Beef Panini is our best-selling sandwich. We take top-round roasted beef slices and sautee it with our secret seasoning mix with onions, turn it into a grilled panini sandwich with cheddar and peppercheese, tomato, spinach, sambal chili and our Homemade garlic aioli.

KACVB: Tell us about the Plant-Based Menu.

Jennifer: Our Plant-Based Menu has been our pride and joy over that last year. My family and I went 100% plant based for 3 months, as a fun experiment prompted by my daughter for a school project. When we finished our three months, we decided to continue to practice this style of eating “most of the time”, because of how good we felt when we ate less meat. It is a challenge to come up with recipes when you don’t have cheese, milk and eggs to work with. I love the challenge of creating nutritious plant-based foods. It is possible to do so, and not miss all the animal products that everyone is used to. Plant-based eating is a movement in society. We want to embrace that, while still offering a regular menu as well. Our best-selling item on the Plant-Based Menu is the “Sweet Potato Wrap”. It is made with sweet potatoes, veggies, roasted pumpkin seeds, basil and ancho chili seasoning, served in spinach wrap. We also, have a sandwich called the “Split Your Pants” – it is very filling and it has 3 proteins: The impossible burger, portobello mushroom cap and avocado, served with a house made Chimichurri sauce that is to die for….and a plant-based garlic aioli on a rosemary ciabatta bun. Our Plant-Based Menu is slowly evolving. We plan to revise and update often.

KACVB: Tell us more about your beverages.

Jennifer: We brew and sell Colectivo Brand Coffee. We serve all the coffee house favorites…Carmel Lattes, Mochas, Frappes, etc…Our Coffee is 100% organic and fair-trade. It is roasted weekly in Milwaukee at Colectivo. Dose of the Month is a thing…our baristas choose a fun recipe for the season and we promote that for the month. 12 Days of Christmas Lattes (December 11-23 each year) has been one of our fun ways of celebrating the season and showcasing all kinds of seasonal flavors that we wouldn’t typically serve all year long.

KACVB: You have daily soup and lunch specials?

Jennifer: We run a different special every week. Some of our customers’ favorites are the Sergant Pepper which is made with Italian Sausage Patty, Mixed Bell Peppers, Chipotle Sauce on a pretzel bun, and the Jalapeno Popper with Candied Bacon. Our newest special, that has been a hit, is our Chicken Poblano Tostadas - created by our head cook Antonio. Our soups are made from scratch. We keep a pretty consistent schedule with our Chicken Dumpling, Creamy Portobello Porcini Mushroom, Sweet Potato Chowder as they are our best sellers… Every soup recipe is unique to our restaurant. We do at least on Vegetarian soup a week and now have started to do a Plant-based soup as well.

KACVB: Tell us about your catering.

Jennifer: Our catering business has been very successful. We are capable of servicing groups up to 50-60, with very careful planning. We have a lot of corporate customers who support us all year long with office lunches, and employee appreciation breakfasts. Our breakfast Frittatas can feed a lot of people and has become a staple at many early morning office meetings. I am so grateful for the business.

KACVB: What makes your place special? Why should people try it?

Jennifer: Outside of the menu, the customers and staff at Daily Dose make it special. We have some of the best hard-working people frequent our place. They are kind and thoughtful, and treat us like family. My staff hands down puts in the time, blood, sweat and tears into creating a good experience. They understand my vision. They care about the quality of food and service. They know that it is more than just a place to eat. It’s a place to meet a friend, make a friend, share a smile, and make someone’s day better. I want all of our customers to feel important and leave having a better day, just by stopping in. 


The Daily Dose Café is also very giving to the local community. They try to support the needs of their customers directly by supporting local benefits, school fundraisers, and the like. They also cook for Grace Welcome Center (a local organization that helps those in need) once a month to help give relief to the volunteers that cook in the organization's kitchen on a weekly basis. The Daily Dose is part of Vigeo, a city-wide network/app that serves as a rewards program that gives back to a particular fundraiser of your choice.

Next time you’re near 60th Street and 40th Avenue, experience The Daily Dose Café! “I think everyone should give us a try if they are up for something other than pancakes and a basic grilled cheese,” Jennifer shares. “We are foodies at heart. We try to offer a bit more of healthy options; we make most of our items from scratch because we like to know what is going in our food; we are always wanting to introduce new flavors.”

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