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6/30/2017 - Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Staff

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The Red Oak Restaurant
The Red Oak Restaurant
The Red Oak Restaurant
The Red Oak Restaurant
food at The Red Oak Restaurant
Food at The Red Oak Restaurant

“A restaurant is a great way for us to promote a lot of the things that matter to us; environmental sustainability, fair wages, support of local producers and artists, healthy delicious food, etc.,” shares Mary Acuna. She and her mother Adeline Carney opened The Red Oak Restaurant in September of 2016. “So many people in Wisconsin are doing exciting things with small-scale production. We wanted to celebrate and support these farmers, bakers, cheesemakers, distillers, brewers, and the list goes on,” according to Mary.

They opened the restaurant not far from their homes, at 4410 200th Avenue (Highway 45) in Bristol, which is part of Kenosha County. “The previous restaurant had moved out and the building was sitting vacant for over a year. We were tired of waiting for someone else to open it back up and decided we couldn't be the only ones looking for a casual, upscale restaurant – that included nice fish and salads – in this area,” shares Mary. This is the first business either of them have owned, other than Adeline’s craft business.

How did they come up with the restaurant’s name? “While we were researching the history of the building we discovered it was built in the mid 1930's and called Red Oak Tavern. It remained Red Oak Tavern until the 90's. We thought it was great name and changed it slightly to The Red Oak,” according to Mary.

Enjoy a farm to table experience! Whenever possible, ingredients are locally sourced. Many of their vendors are also Kenosha HarborMarket vendors. A large board hangs in the bar area, detailing where the ingredients currently come from. A recent visit showed these Wisconsin places: Yellow Dog Farm (Paris), Sassy Cow Creamery (Columbus), Wild Flour Bakery (Milwaukee), Brightonwoods Orchard (Brighton), River Valley Ranch (Burlington), V&K Honey (Mukwonago), Hook’s Cheese (Mineral Point), Yuppie Hill Poultry (Burlington), Wilson Farm (Elkhorn), and Boom Bros (Madison). The menu and cocktails change with the seasons.

With the owners believing in environmental sustainability, vegetable kitchen scraps are composted, the fry oil is sent to be converted to biodiesel, and the restaurant has a recycling program. Living wages and profit sharing are provided for the team, thus moving away from the traditional tipping model.

Dinner is served Wednesday through Saturday, with lunch offered on Saturday only, and a Sunday brunch. The current menu can be viewed on the restaurant’s website. The dining room can be described as very homey. The artwork of Wisconsin artists is featured on the walls. All of the artwork is for sale. Bridal showers, anniversary parties, and other special occasion parties are welcome. There’s also an outdoor dining area.

Mary shares, “Whether it's our no tipping/hospitality charge or the fact that our seasonal menu changes every two months, we're doing things a little differently and we weren't sure how it would be received. We are so appreciative of the support we've gotten from the community...they've been terrific!”

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July 2017

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