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5/24/2016 - Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Staff

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dining at The Buzz Cafe in Downtown Kenosha
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drinks, group, dining, The Buzz Cafe, Downtown Kenosha
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What’s The Buzz about? It’s about meeting up with friends to enjoy great food and beverages. It’s about repurposing historic buildings. It’s about being part of something cool. During October 2015, The Buzz Café opened in Downtown Kenosha. “The concept is everything that we want to eat and drink in the same spot,” Riki Tagliapietra (general manager) says. “So 200 unique wines, 200 craft beers, fresh sliced deli meats, delicious sandwiches, full espresso bar with awesome coffee. So everything you could possibly need for your day in one spot.” That spot is 5621 6th Avenue.

The Buzz Café brings what’s cool about a bigger city such as Chicago or Milwaukee home to Kenosha, Riki says. He also shares free parking is available nearby, it’s Kenosha pricing, and they offer a “world-class experience”. Owner Paul Campagna would describe The Buzz as being like a European café: “People here are very passionate about good food, the beer and the wine and the coffee and the tea.”

If some of the employees look familiar, it’s because they are cross trained to work at Sazzy B next door. Paul owns both businesses and also The Garage Sports and Burger Bar (3001 60th St.). Gift cards are good at both The Buzz and Sazzy B. Paul’s fiancé came up with the name of the newest business – as it fits with Sazzy B, 'bhive' is part of the URL for Sazzy B’s website (, and you get a buzz off beer, wine, coffee, and tea, Paul says.

Breakfast is served 7 to 11 a.m., with lunch from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Breakfast Panini options include The Fun Guy (mushrooms, egg, swiss, cran-honey mustard, rosemary), The Nutty Banana (peanut butter, nutella, bananas), and Gouda Mornin’! (pastrami, spicy sriracha slaw, gouda, egg). Sandwiches, salads, and soups are available for lunch. Sandwich names include The Boss, Dilly Bird, Beets Me, and The Flirt (manager Mallory Whitefoot’s favorite). “People are ordering the same thing every time because they get stuck on one sandwich,” Mallory says. “They don’t want to try anything else because they found THIS ONE that’s so good.” Baked goods are also offered.

In addition to having a great experience at The Buzz, every product that is served can be taken home. The café’s most popular item? Top tier coffee from Metropolis!

How can the atmosphere be described? “It’s warm and it just feels good,” Riki says. Almost every piece of wood (including the bar top, tables, and shelves) inside the business is reclaimed from the 1800’s Frank L Wells factory in Downtown Kenosha. “There’s just history in every piece of this building,” Riki says. Speaking of history … from 1900 up to Prohibition, a Pabst Kenosha location existed where The Buzz sits today. Paul says that among “all of our great fantastic craft beers you’ll still find Pabst in our cooler.”

Paul grew up in Kenosha and loves Downtown Kenosha. He loves and admires the architecture of the old buildings. Riki, too, is a great fan of Downtown Kenosha. He says: “Your heart gets stuck down here pretty easily. Whether you’re a patron or business owner or anyone who works down here. Once you come down here you never leave because it really is a great community and there’s nothing like it anywhere else in the city or the world.”

Riki also says, “We’re coming into a really cool food and drink era in the City of Kenosha and it’s cool to be a part of it.” Next time you’re in Kenosha, check out for yourself what The Buzz is all about!

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February 2016

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