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9/4/2019 - Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Staff

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Nutrition Revolution
Nutrition Revolution
Nutrition Revolution
Nutrition Revolution
Nutrition Revolution
Nutrition Revolution

One man’s struggle to lose weight translated into a new passion and a new career for him. Likewise, a vacation to Kenosha led that same man to move here. Meet Chet “Andrew” Grant, who opened Nutrition Revolution in November 2018.The business is located at 611 56th Street in Downtown Kenosha. “Healthy Nutrition On The Go!” is used to describe the nutrition business. It’s a specialty shop that’s open to the public - offering meal replacement protein smoothies, protein crunch bowls, herbal teas, supplements, and much more. The business is also considered a club as it provides services such as meal planning, and wellness and weight loss coaching.

Andrew opened the business after falling in love with the harbor town as a visitor. His first vacation to Kenosha was in 2016. He would soon make it his vacation spot, visiting every two or three weekends with his fiancé. “The beauty of the town brought me here,” he says. He would relocate here, and ultimately open the business. He saw that Kenosha had no nutrition clubs, yet did support health-conscious businesses.

Andrew is affiliated with other businesses that have a similar concept, but this is his only one by the name Nutrition Revolution. Not that long ago, Andrew was overweight and trying desperately to shed pounds. He was going to the gym and doing all he could to lose weight, without success. One day at the gym he heard about a nutrition place; he then went there for his first smoothie. He went back every day for one, and found he had lost eight pounds in a week. This was in 2013 after trying to lose weight for five years. He was not looking for a new career, but that is what he found. The experience changed his life. He struggled so much to lose weight, he wants to help others and make it easier for them. He said it’s a very good feeling to know he is helping people.

He’s a certified health and wellness coach. Since getting involved in this line of work, he has heard many success stories. One of the greatest ones is of his client who lost 400 pounds. That man now owns his own nutrition club. In another example, a mother shared how he saved her son’s life - he had given up, but after losing weight his outlook changed, and he got a job and a girlfriend. While these are weight-loss examples, the products are for anyone, including people with digestive issues and children in the developmental stage.

You can go to Nutrition Revolution and purchase the drinks to go or enjoy them there. You can also buy supplements; Herbalife products are utilized. Andrew uses such words as positive, upbeat, accepting, and judgement-free to describe his place.

All the smoothies are made on-site. A mix of fresh, frozen, and organic fruit is used, as is local honey. Some smoothies have toppings, some do not. Kenosha’s already great-tasting tap water from Lake Michigan is used, after going through a very thorough filtering process.

About 40 smoothies are on the menu. Popular flavors include Caribbean Passion, Black Cherry Cheesecake, Summer Breeze, and Strawberry Banana. The strawberry banana seems to be the go-to for customers who are overwhelmed by the menu, Andrew says. Each smoothie offers 17 to 24 grams of plant-based protein, 21 vitamins and minerals, 300 calories or less, 2 servings of fruits and vegetables built in, and the recommended daily amounts of micronutrients and macronutrients. The 16 oz smoothie has 17 grams of protein, while the 20 oz smoothie has 24 grams of protein. The children’s size is 12 oz with 9 grams of protein. Andrew notes that he offers comprehensive, cellular nutrition. He describes it as taking the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals all the way to the cellular level.

Also on the menu: Protein Crunch Bowls, which offer a concentrated version of a smoothie and come in different flavors. There’s also a sports menu, which offers drinks for before, during, and after the workout - for hydration and energy, and to refuel and replenish.

The menu also includes a dozen or so different flavors of aloe infused, herbal tea. No sugar is used. Blue Raspberry Tea is a popular flavor. Also offered are high protein iced or hot coffee. And let’s not forget the many available enhancers and boosters: probiotic, protein boost, fiber, immune boost, collagen, muscle recovery. Lift Off helps with mental focus and is a natural energy boost. Edible CBD in powder form can be added to the smoothies, teas, or protein crunch bowls. A combo meal can be purchased – which is your choice of tea and smoothie.

As a health and wellness coach, Andrew develops a health plan for clients. A comprehensive body scan is done, which will establish metabolic age, fat count, protein count, bone density, if retaining water, etc. He then tailors a special meal plan for each person. The client is given a recommended calorie, protein, and water count for the day, along with a grocery list. The price of this monthly program is the cost to purchase smoothies and supplements from him. There is no additional charge for his coaching, follow up appointments, support, and encouragement.

This barely scratches the surface of what Nutrition Revolution offers. Whether looking for a weight-loss aid like Andrew was or just a delicious smoothie for lunch on the go, be sure to stop by and let Andrew and his staff show you what the place is all about!

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September 2019

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