Featured Business: Mike’s Donuts & Chicken and Mike’s Chicken & Donut Bar

11/24/2016 - Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Staff

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Mike's Chicken & Donut Bar in Downtown Kenosha
exterior, people eating outside at Mike’s Chicken & Donut Bar
donut tray at Mike’s Chicken & Donut Bar

You see the pink boxes walking down the street in Downtown Kenosha – and you know they are in the hands of happy customers who just came from Mike’s Donuts & Chicken. Inside those boxes are glazed donuts, cake donuts, specialty donuts, maple bacon praline long johns. All are oversized – baked fresh that day – with homemade, wild, crazy, delicious, and unique toppings and fillings. Combine those donuts with chicken and you have Mike’s Donuts & Chicken and Mike’s Chicken & Donut Bar – two one-of-a-kind businesses under the same roof at 707 56th Street.

Jeanette Kelly and Tim Dorr of Mike's Restaurant Group (which owns the businesses) share more about the eateries. The businesses opened in 2015 and offer coffee, donuts, lunch, dinner, beer, and Jameson daily. On the east side of the building is Mike’s Donuts & Chicken, while Mike’s Chicken & Donut Bar is on the west side. The pink boxes and pink coffee lids are their trademark. The pink is meant to make them stand out – to have the boxes be seen – so everyone knows where they came from.

Chicken and donuts together? According to Jeanette, Mike Cholak, one of the owners, does a lot of research in his travels. He’s always looking for innovative ideas to bring back to Kenosha. He saw this concept on the east coast and in Colorado and knew it could be successful here, because it’s like nothing else around.

Mike’s Donuts & Chicken is a donut and coffee shop, which opens at 7 a.m., while Mike’s Chicken & Donut Bar is the bar side. Both sides offer the same menu. Chicken, of course, is on the menu! It should be noted, burgers, soups, and more are also offered.

Donuts are made in the morning, with a later run on Fridays and Saturdays as well. The donut offerings change daily – and often according to holidays, current events (i.e. Cubs in the World Series), and National Day themes such as National Root Beer Day. The taste testers include Tim and Jeanette.

Chicken and donuts come together at times. Some examples are: glazed chicken wings with donut icing, fried chicken on top of donuts, and a donut chicken sandwich with fried egg in the middle. Additional unique offerings include a Donut Martini, a Bloody Mary garnished with chicken on a stick and a donut, and a Boozy Milkshake. There’s even an on-site old-fashioned milkshake machine!

Many specials are offered including Half Price Buckets of Chicken after 5 p.m. on Mondays (dine-in only). The Cluck Of The Week is a unique and different creation that changes weekly. Often incorporated are fruits and vegetables that are in season. Trivia, Rock-N-Roll Bingo, and live music are offered certain evenings.

As for the bar offerings, there are 80 different beers on tap. What really stands out is the Jameson. Jameson on tap, cocktails made of Jameson, and the Wall of Jameson. The wall is made up of reserved bottles. A customer pays for the bottle and signs the “Book of Jameson”. Each bottle has its own page in the book – the buyer signs his/her name and whoever else has authority to drink from that bottle. The page may include one name or 20 names. When the bottle is empty, a “Drank” tag goes on it. The owner is given a few weeks to buy a new one, or the spot will be sold to another person. There was initially one wall when the bar opened, but it was so popular, the space was expanded.

Another entire article could be written about the artwork at both businesses. One must actually go there to experience it. The logos, the signs, the light fixtures, the tabletops. Everything was meticulously designed. The lead designer was Brandon Minga, and he worked with local artists and a local art teacher to accomplish everything (writer’s note: adults must check out the bathrooms on the bar side!).

The upper level of the building is occupied by Mike’s Sportsbook & Meat Bar, also owned by Mike’s Restaurant Group. It’s open Wednesdays through Sundays. The menu is more elevated and the atmosphere is classier from the lower level. The place is known for its wings, steaks, seafood, cocktails, live music, and more. Its rooftop deck may just offer the best view of Downtown Kenosha! It’s been used for various private events including engagement photos, weddings, and reunions.

The staff feels the building is a place you can visit throughout the day – they’ve covered all the bases. Initial publicity for the trio of businesses included: “We’re serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, second dinner, late-night munchies and last call and plan on giving you an outlet for sugary, greasy, tasty debauchery. The downtown Kenosha nightlife, and daylife, and your life will never be the same. From donuts to dark!”

What other establishments are part of Mike’s Restaurant Group? Jeanette explains: Captain Mike’s Beer & Burger Bar (5118 6th Ave.) is also Downtown with gourmet burgers, delicious mac and cheese concoctions, and 30 beers on tap. In the summer, garage doors on the building open up for you to feel the lake breeze.

Uncle Mike’s Highway Pub (6611 120th Ave., East Frontage Road, in Kenosha) offers all types of bar food including fried pickles and a Friday fish fry, with nearly 90 beers on tap including seasonal beers and “crazy beers”. Gift wrapping is available in the weeks leading up to Christmas: you bring the results of your shopping spree inside and while you enjoy the food and beverage, your gifts are wrapped.

Stop by one or more of these places next time you’re in the Kenosha Area! Be sure to carry your pink box with pride: you know where the best donuts are in town!

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November 2016

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