Getting Here

Check out our list of 101 Things to See & Do for $10 & Under in the Kenosha Area!

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Visitor Guide
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  • Garbage Plate at Franks Diner
  • tg’s Hot Beef
  • Jerry Smith Pumpkin Farm cookies (seasonal)

Eat Like A Local

Only-in-Kenosha Favorites! Ditch the dull meals you can get anywhere! When visiting the Kenosha Area you simply have to try some of the local cuisine. Here are a few of the favorite menu items that can only be found in the Kenosha Area.

  1. Garbage Plate at Franks Diner
  2. Jerry Smith Pumpkin Farm cookies (seasonal)
  3. tg’s Hot Beef with mozzarella and sweet potato fries
  4. Salmon Benny at The Coffee Pot
  5. Double Cheeseburger with everything and grilled onions at The Spot Drive-In
  6. Trolley Dog at Trolley Dogs
  7. Muffo-Lotta at Tenuta’s Delicatessen
  8. Maple Bacon Praline Donuts from Mike’s Chicken & Donut Bar
  9. Italian Fries at Ron’s Place