Featured Business: glyndy Jr’s

6/1/2017 - Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Staff

Featured Business
glyndy Jr's in Downtown Kenosha
glyndy Jr's in Downtown Kenosha
glyndy Jr's in Downtown Kenosha
glyndy Jr's in Downtown Kenosha
glyndy Jr's in Downtown Kenosha

“Decorating has been my passion for a long time,” says Pam Harberg, owner of glyndy Jr’s in Downtown Kenosha. She thinks this passion goes back to her childhood when she would borrow items from her mom to decorate her Barbie houses. “It’s just something I enjoy.” When she found herself in a transition phase, job-wise, she turned that passion into a business. She opened the home furnishings shop glyndy Jr’s – her first business – in October 2016.

Located at 5925 Sixth Ave. A, the shop offers a mix of new merchandise and old/antique/vintage items. She’s excited by the hand-crafted pieces she stocks, including furniture, candles, pottery, paintings, jewelry, and other crafts. She’s trying to incorporate local and regional artistry more. Her vision for the shop is to include more new items – more furniture, textiles, rugs – more texture to go with the vintage and antique selection. She wants to be a full-service home décor shop. And not only does she sell décor, she also decorates the shop seasonally.

Artists find her via world-of-mouth. They are recommended to her or come in the shop. The handcrafted furniture is supplied by her brother-in-law and two nephews. Where do the antiques come from? She goes to some estate sales in the area, but mainly goes outside of the area to bring a non-local flavor to the mix. Wherever she and her husband travel, they are picking for the shop. Her family also picks for her in southern Illinois.

Pam comes from a long line of pickers, with her mom Glenda being the biggest. She says her mom continues to be an inspiration to her. The name of the shop combines and represents the names of many in her family, including her parents, two sisters, and brother. She, her siblings, and her mom all have different decorating styles and are always looking to add to each other’s collections. She considers her style to be versatile - similar to the shop. She likes to incorporate the new with the old; to take a new piece and pair it with something antique; to combine something new and shiny with something old and loved.

Pam looked at other locations for her business, but didn’t find the right feel until she looked downtown. “You just have the Downtown feel, which is priceless,” Pam says. She loves being downtown, and notes how much character her shop space has.

Among the events the shop participates in is the Kenosha Vintage Shop Crawl, a monthly shopping event held at select shops.

When you visit the shop, you’ll likely meet the shop dog, Stanley. Her poodle terrier mix is 8 years old. “He goes just about everywhere with me. We’ve been on many picking trips together,” Pam says. Stop by, say Hi to Stanley, pick out some items for your home, and revisit your childhood with some of the treasures at glyndy Jr’s!

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June 2017

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